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It’s Looking Like Elin’s on Her Way Out

For a minute there it seemed like Elin Nordegren was going to remain married to Tiger Woods, but with many reports suggesting that Elin is leaving her husband and taking off to her native Sweden for good, it looks like Tiger may just wind up alone in the States with his Whore Buffet.

From TMZ:

Elin Nordegren is fixing up the house on her newly purchased property in her native Sweden — proof that it may be the spot where Elin’s headed to rebuild her life.

As we previously reported, Tiger Woods‘ current wife picked up the $2 million home late last year — a home that could only be described as a dump, at best.

But now, new photos reveal that a major renovation is underway on the property — and we’re told the builders are trying to get everything done by the summer.

A move like this could be exactly what Elin needs to have a chance at a new life with her children. My attitude is that you need to do whatever you can to make your children happy, and staying at home with a father like that is not going to yield positive results. If Elin and the kids can escape to a new country where they can rebuild a life and not be dragged down by their association with Tiger, than the should do it as quickly as possible.

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  • It’s not that easy to just leave the father of your children and even more difficult to leave him and move across the globe. I know it’s become customary to throw the towel in on marriage, but there’s no better reason than your children to try to keep it together. There are plenty of happily married couples that have weathered equally difficult storms. There could be a thousand reasons why she is fixing up that house.

  • I am an advocate for marriage & sticking it out, but not in this case. I would never be able to trust his sorry ass again & I don’t know how anyone else could either. She is a gorgeous young woman who needs to find someone who actually takes their wedding vows seriously (ladies they are out there). This man didn’t just have one ‘indiscretion’, he fucked anything that moved apparently. LEAVE ELIN! The shitty part about this is with all of his money & power he has it may not be possible for her to leave with the kids & go start over in another country. He does have rights to his children.

  • Hey Molls, talk to your friend Sarah. She seems to think it is all
    Elin’s fault.

    See previous ranting from your fellow doped up poster!

  • Finally she’s showing some self-respect. I would love to know what’s been happening behind the scenes on this one.

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