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34Catherine Zeta-Jones Looks Fabulous For Any Age

The legendary Catherine Zeta-Jones was recently photographed for Allure magazine and sources claim that she was photoshopped and airbrushed into oblivion. However, I beg to differ. You can’t make anything better by airbrushing if it’s already fucking perfect.

Zeta-Jones has always been around the top of my list for Most Beautiful Women and it’s probably because this lady’s going to look gorgeous at eighty-eight, even without the God-knows-what-kind of technology they’ll have then. I shudder to think, but merely knowing that someone as lovely as Zeta-Jones exists, spits in the face of digital photo alterations.

Catherine posed for Allure and answered some questions, as per normal, and I don’t really give a crap about the base answers because I’m too busy browsing the gallery showcase of her amazingness. However, if you’re interested in finding out what she’s got to say about … stuff, here it is:

On her plans for the future: The actress’s plan for her family, which includes husband Michael Douglas and their two young children: living on a boat and sailing around the world. “I wouldn’t be surprised if [we do] that,” she says.

Going naked for the photo shoot: When it was time for the nude portion of the shoot, Zeta-Jones promptly dropped her robe. “That’s when your dancing days and being in theater pay off,” she said. “When you’re doing a quick change, you don’t give a shit who sees you.”

On being in the trenches with Michael: “The only person I want to be in the trenches with is Michael. You know he’s got your back.”

On having a hard knock life: “I left school at 15,” Zeta-Jones says of her life experiences. “I’ve been on the road all my life. I’ve seen a lot; I’ve heard a lot. And you grow up really kind of quick.”

Enjoy the photos of the always-elegant Catherine Zeta-Jones below. Airbrush aside, if I look half that good when I’m forty, I’m considering myself to be damn, damn lucky.

April 14, 2010 at 5:39 am by Sarah

34 Responses to “Catherine Zeta-Jones Looks Fabulous For Any Age”

  1. frank hajzus says:

    HELLO! she is one of the most beautiful and talented women in the world! very sexy!

  2. Anonymous says:

    1) Not bad. Seen better

    2)When was the last time she had a movie out?

    3)Smoking when you’re pregnant is not so sexy

  3. Yeah, okay. says:

    I’ve seen better un-airbrushed. Sorry, these photos just scream FAKE!

  4. TxGal says:

    Whoever believes the pictures are not airbrush they must be blind or just being a kiss-ass.

  5. Malia says:

    She is freaking gorgeous! Lucky lucky lady!

  6. alice says:

    yup, the most gorgeous for ever always. She is our generations Elizabeth Taylor.

    • Tater Tots says:

      She’s just a marginal whore of an actress that married her way to a more successful movie career thanks to her husband pulling the bitch some strings. Oh yeah, maybe she is our generations Elizabeth Taylor, or would that be Katie Holmes. Same difference.

  7. first name surename says:

    congrats to the photographer, camera filters, lighting and photoshop. no wrinkles at all and 40 years old? yeah, sure! look where her tits are without a bra (fifth picture). she’s not perfect. it’s a perfect fake.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Her skin looks like rubber on the first photo. The color is uneven, one of the legs is in a weird angle and too stretched, almost as if a smaller person’s leg is coming out of her ass.

    One of her arms has to elbow or is seriously dislocated.

    • Jade says:

      She is beautiful, but her left leg looks really weird in this picture. It looks like a noodle with a foot attached to it.

      • Think Straight says:

        Agreed, and this photo almost insults her in the way that her but has all the light and her face and chest are in the dark in the bed shot.

        Of course it’s Photoshopped. When middle-aged women try this hard to look sexy, they just seem insecure.

        Sure hope the kids don’t get a load of this.

  9. Stephanie says:

    NOT airbrushed?!?!? Hahahahaha. Ya right! She’s still a beautiful woman but that picture is almost a cartoon it’s so airbrushed!

  10. Momotrips says:

    Looks great for a photoshopped 50 year-old. She hasn’t been 40 in several years. She’s beautiful, but why lie about your age? She was 36 for at least three years. I LOVE it when I tell people I’m 46 and they gasp. So much cooler than lying and saying I’m 38.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you think she looks great as a photoshopped 50 year old, you should see the nudes of Betty White I’m working on.

  11. Rosita says:


  12. RG says:

    Airbrushed? Nope. But they did a nice job of photoshopping her head on another model’s bod.

  13. Pikki Nikki says:

    besides the obvious photoshop, she IS still probably gorgeous naturally, but i’d really like to see what she’d look like today without the nips & tucks….her plastic surgeon’s fantastic, but really now, EVERYONE in this industry is required to have it at some point & they ALL lie about it which is just feckin’ stupid…i know your secret, CZJ.

  14. lolitahaze says:

    someone should really tell her what happened to the last actress who gushed about their hinky husband “having her back”.

  15. Malia says:

    I don’t think anyone believes this is all natural, but she is beautiful regardless.

  16. Kelly says:

    Geez. How old does a woman have to be in Hollywood before she earns the right to keep her clothes on?

  17. Anonymous says:

    These photos are definitely airbrushed. It’s a shame, because she’s really gorgeous.

  18. Merc says:

    It actually looks gross. Her butt and leg especially.

  19. Name says:

    So…..where is her buttcrack?

  20. Amanda says:

    Airbrush or no, she’s not going to look so gorgeous at 87 from her smoking. JMO

  21. Frank says:

    Love all these ugly broads who are dissed the stunning Ms. ZJ. Jealous much? Sorry ladies but you never looked this good at 16 much less 40. Your green gills are showing you pathetic trolls. Ask your boyfriends what they think? If they tell the truth, which they won’t, they’d say they’d dump your lumpy butts for 5 minutes with her.

  22. JodiOdie says:

    100 bucks says frank is single HAHAHAHAHAHA

  23. Joe says:

    Wrong! Frank you really need to get out! She was very pretty, but a great beauty – no. She now looks old and frumpy. Women are not jealous of Zeta Jones; it is only you that is sad.

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