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Amanda Woodward and Dr. Peter Burns Break It Off

At least that’s who I remember them to be, but then again, they stopped being relevant ten years ago, too, so the fact that I remember them just.  that.  way. is about as surprising as Ricky Martin coming out of the closet.

Heather Locklear, the Xena of Xanax-hoarding, and her long-term boyfriend, Jack Wagner have called it quits after like, thirty-five years of togetherness. In all reality, they dated for about three or something, but when you’re Hollywood’s most boring couple, three seems like what real life might be like for a celebrity.

Locklear claimed that the relationship was taking away from precious time spent with her daughter, but I think she just wanted to sleep more, take more downers and weep at old episodes of Melrose Place.

Sorry, guys.  Break-ups suck, I guess.

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  • Oooooh, I looooove that fabulous bag, Jack! Oh wherever did you get it, and was it on sale?!!!

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  • let me guess…it went like this:

    *jack singin’*

    “Allllllll I neeeeeeeeed
    Is just a little more time
    To be sure what I feel
    Is it all in my mind
    Cause it seems so hard to believe
    That you’re all I ne…..

    uh…Heather where are you going with your suitcases?”