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Jim Carrey Thinks Elin Nordegren Was In On It The Whole Time

“No wife is blind enough to miss that much infidelity. Elin had 2 b a willing participant on the ride 4 whatever reason. kids/lifestyle ;^)”

– Jim Carrey chimes in on the Tiger scandal via Twitter.

So let me get this straight: Because of the sheer number of women that he slept with, there’s no way that an athlete who travels for much of the year and has plenty of money to make his problems disappear could have managed to hide his affairs from his wife? I gotta go ahead and say that that’s a pretty dick sentiment, Jim Carrey.

People have been throwing out the idea that Elin and Tiger had some sort of “arrangement” where he could sleep around since the scandal broke, but I’m not sure I’ve ever bought that. On the other hand, it would add a pretty twisted element to this whole scandal if it turned out that Elin didn’t care about the affairs and was acting mad to play the part. That might explain why she’s been so forgiving of her husband. But realistically? That woman was probably just as shocked by his manipulation as the rest of us.

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  • Sorry, I have to disagree. I have a hard time believing that he happened to sleep with 20+ [not sure how many there are now] women who all happened to be perfectly discreet about having slept with Tiger Woods repeatedly until recently. Gimme a break.

    Frankly, I think that slamming Jim CarRey for saying it is ridiculous. When someone says something negative it’s considered “butting in”, but if someone says something supportive, it’s “nice”. F*ck the double standard, thank you very much. Good or bad words, it’s none of anyone else’s business bu T and E’s, but here we are.

    • When Jim is off his meds, i.e., e.g., viz a viz, ergo and etc., as demonstrated by that tweet – he drops an “r.” Only a few of us know.

      • He’s not off his meds. He’s correct about his assumption. Remember, he’s been dating a chick that’s open about the fact that she’s a swinger and likes multiple partners. Jim knows how it works in the world of big money.

  • I think she just chose to live life oblivious to his indescretions. It’s one thing to think everything is fine – it’s quite another to just pretend that it is. It sounds like she lived by the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality. Once she had confirmed evidence, the shit hit the fan.

    • I disagree. People are absolutely capable of leading double lives. Look at the serial killers who appear to be stable, responsible citizens with families, friends and co-workers who know nothing about the fact that they are actually predators. Tiger is just a sexual predator.

      And Tiger convinced a lot of those other women that they too were the only “other woman” in his life. The guy is obviously a good actor. Maybe when he’s too old to put his balls in any more holes, he’ll embark on a second career.

      He should just get divorced and then no one will care about the fact that he’s a dog. And after this, any woman who believes a word out of his mouth really is just willing to look the other way. They should just make sure to get tested for STDs regularly, ’cause one of these days, he’s going to bring home more than just his bone.

  • If Tiger had Elin’s tacit permission to sleep around, why did he shell out so much $$ to keep mistress #1 quiet? Doesn’t make sense to me!

  • I think Jim Carrey is way off base and Molls called it clearly.

    I’d also bet Elin is completely second-guessing every second of their relationship right now, and seeing a hundred red flags that she ignored out of trust or innocence before.

    When you’ve never been with someone who has lied and deceived you, you don’t look for b.s.
    In the future, you can be pretty sure if a guy has unexpalined absences or is a partyer by reputation, she’ll have learned a BIG painful lesson and steer clear.

    I feel sorry for her.
    Jim Carrey trying to make it look as though she was cooperating is extrordinarily cynical.
    If she had married a KNOWN partyer/cheater, that’d be more of a possibility.
    But I think Tiger truly had the wool pulled over her eyes.
    It’s not like prior to this he had the reputation of some of Hollywood’s well known sex addicts like David Duchovny, now is it?
    No, Tiger was playing Mr. Clean Cut.

    • I agree. Doesn’t anyone remember the message that got leaked, where Tiger was asking one of his mistresses to please take her name off of her voicemail message because Elin was suspecting something and might be calling her number? I’m sure they didn’t have an agreement if he was trying to hide it.

      Also, Jim Carrey called out Sandra Bullock on ‘having to have known’ as well. Why is he suddenly chiming in on other peoples’ relationships when his just ended?

    • Didn’t stop the entire frigging world, did it? No one cares when this blog, that blog, E!, the news, friends, family, or anyone says something, but God forbid Jim Carrey does.

      The fuck?

  • i think he doesnt know that she was complicit for sure so he should stfu! If she knew why did she chase him out of his house with a golf club. Why did her mom pass out. I dont think she would put her family through all this stress if she knew. The same thing has happened with Sandra Bullock and Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon, so its very possible for men with money to live double lives.

  • Considering the whole world has an opinion on this, I’d say he’s entitled to voice his. Not saying I agree with it.

  • In all honesty, in many ways I have to agree with him – I just think he should have voiced his opinion in a different forum (preferably one in which you could use more than 140 characters) and should have also done a better job of explaining himself and his opinion.

    I think on some subconscious level, most people know when their spouses or significant others are cheating. Whether it be gentle suspicions about their schedule, or a slight mental prodding in the back of your head at the things they say and their explanations — I think most times, people either are scared to know and be hurt by the truth OR they’d prefer to remain oblivious and gild over their relationship problems. And I think once people are forced to face their partners infidelities, in their mind all the things they once let go as quirks or seamless coincidence form a magnitude of redflags.

    I’m not condoning either Tiger Woods or Jim Carrey’s behavior (being that I think the things he said were both unnecessary and unfounded) and Elin Woods and Sandra Bullock both have my condolences.

  • So Elin knew that Tiger was having unprotected sex with scores of women including prostitutes and was willing to risk getting AIDS or Hep C herself, as well as having any of their children get those diseases for… the sake of the children?

    Jim Carey sounds like he’s justifying his own infidelities by blaming the woman for her distress over the betrayal.

    It seems like any celebrity who makes a stupid public statement about another celebrity who’s going through a problem can get second-hand publicity from shoving in their two bits.

    I guess Jim wasn’t satisfied with the buzz generated by his breakup with Jenny, so he drummed up a little bit more.

    • what blows my mind is that he didn’t mind exposing himself to those possibilities (aids/hep c) himself

  • Think it’s kinda funny that Jim Carrey is a gossipmeister. He seems to enjoy weighing in on the latest scandal. Did Jimmyboy submit his application for the EB weekend position?

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  • Do I think she knew to what extent? No.
    Do I think she suspected something may have been up for quite a while and flipped when she had proof and that the whole world was about to find out about it? Yup.

    Jim Carrey isn’t that far off…

  • Maybe she knew, maybe she didn’t. Maybe she had a little doubt in her heart, who knows? I can’t imagine she was just a-ok with her husband sticking his pole in every two-bit trash crotch — without a condom! — and then coming home to the wife & kids. No woman would knowingly expose herself and her children to God knows what.

    Maybe people posting here live the fancy life and can totally understand how Elin’s day-to-day life is. I don’t. Me, my family & my friends live middle class lives without yachts, island homes & all the la-dee-da, la-dee-da. When you live in a little house and your hubby works nine-to-five, you may find it easier to know if he’s messing around. And even then we all know women (and men) who were totally blindsided by serial cheating. Sometimes, too, the partner doesn’t want to believe in the betrayal….and WHAM she sees a sexy text from some chick. Next thing you know, you have a crazy woman swinging a golf club. When it comes to love any damn thing is possible.

  • For three months I dated a cop who told me he was divorced.
    The night we met he gave me what he told me was his home phone number and his work phone number. He gave me a ride-along and pointed out the apartment building where he said he lived.

    He said he was working 2 jobs to put his 2 teenage sons into college.
    He called me 3x a day, so I never needed to call him.

    He was busy so I didn’t see him as often as I would have liked, but I expected it with his work schedules and thought it was ‘noble’ for him to be so dedicated and hard-working because it was for his kids’ education.

    When we got together, it was in public with his cop co-workers at a promotional party or retirement party, or he came to my house.

    He acted like a gentleman and didn’t try to get in my pants right away. I thought he respected me and we were building a solid foundation for a relationship.

    Finally we slept together. He said he couldn’t spend the night because he got called in to work after he checked his phone messages.

    Then I began to be unhappy as I still wasn’t even seeing him once a week, even though the 3x daily calls continued.
    I knew SOMETHING was wrong, but I didn’t know what.

    One of his friends took pity on me and told me he was married — and had a long-term girlfriend on the side, in addition to his wife!!!

    No, I didn’t KNOW for 3 months. No, I didn’t co-operate or turn a blind eye.
    I was lied to and because no man had ever lied to me before pretending he was divorced when he was married, I trusted this cop.

    I haven’t been that naiive since.
    But think of Elin. She was young and trusting. I think Tiger snowed her just like I got snowed.
    Liars can be very convincing when they seem to be giving you plenty of attention and good excuses.

  • My ex boyfriend was a pile of shit. He wasn’t talented, he wasn’t particularily good looking, he didn’t have a job. He cheated on me more times than I’ll ever know, and only found out when I discovered I’d gotten hpv and he confessed.

    Did I turn a blind eve to his cheating? FUCK NO. I had no idea when it was going on. I was out working (imagine that!), or temporarily busy (ie. maybe I went home early from the bar). This guy was a monster who’d fuck chicks he met on the street in an alley.

    You’d be amazed how deceiving, heartless and manipulative people can be.

    Do I believe its a possibility she didn’t know – ABSOLUTELY!

    And, beside the point, its none of our fucking business.

  • Now that he’s broken up with that Jenny McCarthy and not worrying about her getting POed at him for saying this, he’s openly speaking his mind. Ha!

  • I can understand being cheated on and being shocked. I mean, if your man is cheating on you with another woman, there may a few red flags, but you’re likely to ignore them because you’re blindly in love.

    But more than 10 women? That’s not a few red flags. That’s a 50-foot flashing neon sign.

    She may not be in on it, but she’s a fucking idiot.

  • Elin has not commented a single thing, and Jim carrey (and the world) is supposing that Elin is shocked, angry, blablabla.
    Jim carrey has slammed Elin of something she hasn’t said (that she didn’t know of the infidelities)

    of course she knew, I bet. But I also believe that her marriage is a sham, from the beggining to the end

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  • Okay Elin we get it you are going to get a divorce so just do it. But please show more class than Sir Paul McCartney’s wife did. How much money will bring you happiness…a house in Sweden what else? Maybe you should just consider setting up a trust for your children and leave the United States with some class!!!