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Harlow Madden and Olive Cohen: BFF?

Nicole Richie and her daughter Harlow left a dance class yesterday in Studio City and hot on their heels were Isla Fisher and her daughter Olive. So Harlow Madden and Olive Cohen are in the same ballet class?! How cute is that? You have to wonder if the two stretch out on the barre and just shoot the shit about what it’s like to be a famous baby. Harlow’s like, “Last week my nanny had the balls to bring me milk. Regular milk! Milk from a cow! I was like, ‘Excuse me Rosalita, but I believe you meant to make this half vanilla Rice Dream, half decaf coffee with two Splendas?'”

Then Olive’s like, “I feel so bloated today. Those paparazzi better not snap me in my leotard! Ugh! The last thing I need is a baby bump watch!”  After that they probably snuck away to smoke Marlboro Lights and talk about how drunk Moses Paltrow-Martin was at the last Yo Gabba Gabba wrap party. Or something.

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  • Today, they’re meeting up at the barre, but soon enough they’ll be meeting up at another kind of bar — for some responsible drinking, of course — with their younger pal, Alizé Lohan (Lindsay’s kid).

    • Ahhh, I caught that a second ago and I was like, “MOLLY, GET OFF DRUGS.” (I’m not really on drugs which makes this whole thing so much scarier.)

      Sorry about that. xo

      • Molly, it’s OK. It’s a gossip site. Tell them it’s an inside joke that they will never get.

      • Nothing harsh about it. It’s Olive, not Olivia, and that’s all that I pointed out, in a completely straightforward manner.
        Did you create your own narrative? Should I have used smiley faces?

      • Given my past experiences with you, I know that you, Kay, and H are all the same commenter. (the 3 total minutes between all of your 3 [currently] comments for today (which all reference my comments) helped me figure this out).
        But thanks for playing the game, troll dude.

      • I have to reply here, instead of under skeelo below this post for some reason. In any case, skeelo, this is for you.

        Just because 3 people think you’re a whiny twat doesn’t mean we’re all the same person. This tickles me :)

      • Tickled? More like caught red-handed and then torched. Let me be nerdy for a minute, because this could be fun.
        Beet posts traditionally don’t get tons of comments. It’s laughably unlikely that 4 separate people — 3 of whom posted anonymously [i.e. no email given, hence the default ‘Anonymous’ icon) — including your known handle, H, would launch personal attacks on me and my comments in two different posts within one six-minute interval (4:29p – 4:35p timestamps).
        Go ahead and say that it’s also a coincidence that all of these posters used your computer and writing voice. Ditto the fact that you as H, someone who supposedly hadn’t commented on this post before the above message, were simply lucky to return here to check out my comment strings, because you can now defend your ‘good name.’
        Your ‘army of one’ gambit was pathetic, as are you.

  • wow, molls, i actually laughed during this post and had to check to see who wrote it. i was surprised it was you… which probablys ounds insulting, but it’s been a long time since a post here at EB made me laugh out loud :)

    • Ditto. It sucks her “real” job is taking her away from EB. I think I read on her blog that it is a temporary gig that will be over soon??? Anywhoo, I like that molls can write a story that isn’t a dissertation (unlike some others) and still be funny (most of the time). Miss ya, molls.