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Watch the Tiger Woods Press Conference LIVE!!!

It’s streaming in the video above. His big press conference starts live at 11 am EST … that’s in ten minutes. IS EVERYONE SO EXCITED???

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    • Indee. He really dragged his “good reputation” through the mud with his scandalous affairs. I was going to say “Epic fail,” but since he is still the golden-boy of golf, I guess it wasn’t that much of a fail on the aspect of his celebrity. Personal life? Still not epic fail, because his idiot wife is still with him.

      So for most of the general public, your opinion is widely shared. Where his money comes from? Not as much.


  • I really don’t give a shit. The one who needs to give a shit is his wife and his close friends and family. He needs to answer to them. Not to me. Or the rest of humanity for that matter.

    He fucked around. It’s a crummy thing to do but he’s not the first nor will he be the last.

    Publicly he (and the media) need to stick to that. That, you can’t deny, he’s good at.

  • a. No matter how rich he is he’s just a golfer. Golf is boring.
    b. His dirty laundry was spun out of proportion, it’s their private business.
    c. We’re so over him and his cheap ladies.

  • He used to be the only reason I watched golf. But now I just don’t care about the guy. His marriage is over, even if it is technically intact.

    I wish he’d just get a divorce and screw whomever he wants, have kids out-of-wedlock, get sued for child-support or palimony, get AIDS (no, I don’t wish this, but through his behavior, he’s begging for a deadly venereal disease) and stop trying to con the world into thinking that he’s a better human being than he is.

    Yes, he will lose sponsors, but if he can stop blowing money on gambling, prostitutes and keeping his various mistresses quiet to the tune of $10,000,000 here and there, he has enough money to live, so he’ll have no problems.

    The golf world has no replacement for him and probably never will, so as long as he keeps winning, they will always suck up to him, along with sleazy women.

    • “Yes, he will lose sponsors……” Nobody but a fucking genius would have seen that one coming. Good job, sport.

      • You know what else we saw coming? Evilbeetdouche yanking his wiener to his mothers dirty laundry.

  • He’s an unconvincing b.s. artist.

    He’s going to help other people? Give me a break. The narcissistic arrogance of that remark is colossal.

    He’s learned to help himself after a mere few weeks in rehab?
    Oh really? Maybe he can tell us how so that all the people who are in A.A. for years will figure it out.
    And did you notice the slip of the tongue when he said it wasn’t going to continue? That’s the REAL truth of it.

    This is all about him playing golf, his career, his sponsors. That’s his wife in reality – that little white ball.
    Elin was just his wife in name.

    So much for him focusing on his family as his priority.

    And missing his son’s first birthday tore him up so bad? Oh please.
    At that age a kid doesn’t know about a birthday. If the kid was 5 or older, that’d make a difference.

    He’s being coached as to what to say. It’s so obvious the spin-meisters are at work.

    • “That’s his wife in reality, that little white ball”.

      He’s married to a golf ball in reality? I guess he can’t get mad when she doesn’t wear her wedding ring.

  • I started to watch it but decided to just eat fried chicken and watch interracial porn instead. Next press conference, I’m gonna eat fried rice and watch Asian porn. Thanks Tiger, for always making me think of porn whenever I see you now.