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Janet Jackson Masticates as a Means to Mend Her Melancholy

Some celebrities cop to drug abuse in order to deal with life’s traumatic events and others head for the nearest seedy bar to drown their sorrows.

However, neither is the case for Janet Jackson — her poison of choice after her brother Michael was murdered passed away was food.

Janet opens up in a recent interview regarding her deceased brother and stated that food was more of a comfort to her than anything else during that dark period in her life:

“It’s stress. When I’m feeling down, I do turn to food. Normally people don’t eat; they don’t have an appetite… [For me] It’s just the opposite; you eat everything.”

I can totally understand where you’re coming from, Miss Jackson. I am for real when I say that I’m right there with you. When life makes me bum, I have to do my best to fend off stress or else I just end up spooning with Ben and Jerry in bed … or forking a big-assed plate of pasta.

It’s alright, though, babe. You’re still amazing in my book.

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  • there’s no shame in that. exercise, get a hold of yourself, get the weight/eating under control. probably better than getting drunk or getting high.

  • the most famous singer in the planet has died and janet jackson still manages to turn it into her weightgain…

  • I do the same thing – eat when I am unhappy. I figure it’s less destructive than drinking or taking drugs.
    Fact is though, then you have to deal with taking the weight off eventually.(
    (Overeating) It’s still an addiction.
    We all do different things when we want comfort or to numb out, and then have to pay the price for just not facing the pain and working on those issues head on.

    Michael wasn’t murdered. He was an addict who had a doctor cooperating with his demand for drugs.
    Both were equally responsibile for what happenned.

    • I would hazard a guess that there may, possibly, have been more than one stressful event in her life. You know, like the years of childhood abuse, failed marriages, being under intense media scrutiny, etc. etc. etc.

      Surely death isn’t the only thing that makes people spaz out.

  • When people wanna drink, they find an excuse to drink.

    When people wanna smoke, they find an excuse to smoke.

    When people wanna eat, they find an excuse to eat.

    The fact that someone died is in no way an excuse to eat a ton of food. The two things are unrelated. Life is full of ups and downs, if you move into a comfort zone every time the s**** hits the fan, you won’t go very far.

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