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Sandra Bullock’s Movin’ Out!

Maybe, anyway.  One would, at least, assume that someone’s moving out, right?

TMZ scored a photo of a moving truck sitting outside of Sandra Bullock and Jesse James’ shared SoCal home yesterday evening. The ever-present news source reports that the truck arrived and sat for about an hour while movers took out a few items such as a sofa, a love seat and some boxes.

One would assume that Bullock’s moving on out.

Either that, or she’s hauling away the shit that Jesse and his hos contaminated by having sexual relations all up on them.  This truck could be on its way to the incinerator, folks and far be it from me to blame Bullock  if that were the case.

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  • Good for her. So many women (I’m looking at you, Elin) blind themselves and hope that things will get better, and don’t realize that people don’t change. Not their core character. She deserves so much better than that slimebag.

  • I bet that truck delivered Sandra Bullock’s bulk fan mail — or perhaps it delivered more Nazi tchotchkes to Jesse James from Ebay.
    Sandy, keep your head up!

    • I literally LOL’ed and shot coffee out of my right nostril after I read this comment. “Nazi tchotchkes”? Fucking classic!