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The Hills Final Season Preview Has Me Mad Emotional, Guys

I still watch The Hills. It started the day after I moved to LA, I was a huge Laguna Beach fan, so obviously I still check in with The Hills. And you know, some might argue that the show fell off after the second season because all the characters because paparazzi targets with clothing lines, but I still think they bring the heat. Or at least the warmth. It’s the snack cakes of television. If you’re in the right mood, it’s crazy delicious, but you’d be mortified if anyone you respect saw you enjoying it.

Check out this trailer above and tell me you disagree. We got coke rumors with Kristin, a new Frankenface for Heidi, yet another repressed homosexual meltdown from Spencer… and that’s just what we’re getting up front! And how sad does Stephanie Pratt make you? “JUST BE YOURSELF, GIRL! FIGURE OUT WHO YOU ARE!” (That’s what I want to say to her.)

Who’s with me on this? Anyone?

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  • I have tried to be above the whole grammar and spelling issue that seems to concern molls, however this post was brutal: “because all the characters because paparazzi targets with clothing lines”. I had to read this a few times before I understood what she was trying to say.
    Molls I do not hate you but please spell check I promise it will only do you good!

      • actually, that sentence makes no sense.
        read it again: “because all the characters because paparazzi targets with clothing lines”

        it’s like you started to say one thing, decided on another, and totally forgot to edit.

      • The curse of the Spell Check generation (and I am guilty as well) means you can have all your words spelled correctly and still eff up what you really meant to say. And, if you are anything like me, I never seem to catch it until I have already sent something along. Our brains have the inconvenient habit of fixing things for us so we read it exactly like we wanted it to be….but not necessarily what we typed. (And if I screwed up this paragraph…oh well.)

    • Maybe the second “because” was supposed to be a “became”?

      I know that everyone makes an error or typo every now and again, especially when they’re in a hurry, but Jesus, Molls, how do you manage to mangle almost every post you write? And it’s mind boggling that you don’t see the errors even when they’re pointed out to you (by people who don’t even do this for a living, yet notice them right off the bat). Are you dyslexic? ESL? Are you cooking dinner while typing with the other hand? Seriously, inquiring minds want to know.

      • Yes, please tell us because otherwise as a writer it makes you look really bad. I’m surprised Beet would hire someone as bad as you but considering she did now I’m starting to judge her.

      • YES, A-holes, I believe Molls has mentioned more than once that she is dyslexic. Get over it.

    • Did you ever stop to think she does it on purpose?
      Without people commenting on her mistakes, she’d have 1 to 2 comments t most. Then her working here would really be unjustified b/c even if there were no spelling or grammar mistakes, her writing SUCKS. NOT funny, full of herself, trying to be clever like in her response to this. Putting 2 question marks when her statements clearly aren’t questions. She is just too witty!*

      *last statement was total, 100% sarcasm

    • Just clarifying that I do not have an issue with Molls or her writing, I really do not want to be part of the hate brigade. I am just stating that had the article been proofed, all of the comments regarding post quality wouldn’t be there (okay the hills is not for me but that is a personal opinion and does not mean I hate article, I just disagree with it). What I do hate is scrolling down the comment section looking for meaningful discussion and seeing 500 angry spelling comments. I do realize this is not the New York Times; all I am looking for is a coherent enjoyable read. I’m promoting preventative writing rather than hating and I feel I needed to say this because my last post made me look like a grammar Nazi.



    Here’s a trick: read the post backwards, word by word, to catch mistakes. Seriously. You have to do something about this.

  • OMFG Molls who gave you the idea you could write? As a double English/Psychology major this is offensive.

  • Damn, kids. When did this become a hate on Molls thread and not a hate on Heidi’s sad/scary new cry face thread? Really, though. Heidi’s new face when she cries…it makes me sad.

    I’m too excited for this and was not expecting Ryan Cabrera (that was Ryan Cabrera with Audrina, right? Did I miss that? When did that happen?)

  • I’m sorry molls, I like you a lot and you usually have good taste, but The Hills? Really??
    I’m a teen and even I think that show is the most insipid , pathetic thing out there. I’m sorry, but ugh.

  • Oh wow. so many haters out there. On Molls and on the Hills. Molls, f em… I totally got chills when I watched the trailer for the show. Disgusting? maybe, but I don’t care. I love that freakin show and am sad that it’s comin to an end. They have all been through so much over the years… and all they have to show for it is a hefty bill of plastic surgery and a divorce? I need a kleenex. Okay… y’all can go puke now.

  • Yeah people need to STFU about a type, what are you reading the fucking New York Post or something? Geez get the sand out of ya’lls vaginas please!

    Anyways, I havent cared about this show since the first season, but that trailer was pretty sick! I wanna watch this!!

    I hard to look away from Heidi’s “frankenface” LOL

      • It’s a gossip blog! How high of standards could you possibly have? I bet when you are done here you switch right over to Perez… gotta keep it classy, huh?

      • You can’t be serious. An articulate post, that isn’t riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes, is considered “high standards” where you come from??

      • This is a gossip blog? I had no idea!!! I’m sorry, you’re right. My “basic literacy standards” are really way too high. Coherent posts are really too much to ask.

        And actually, I read EBG because the articles are (were) so much better written. I’ve looked at Perez’s site once, maybe twice, my whole life. Forgive me for wanting to read something with just a tad bit more intellect and substance.

        BTW, I forgot to write my name on my last comment. That was me.

  • Heidi’s crying face will give me nightmares for months. The show hasn’t been good for three seasons. Lauren made this show and the producers made a mistake when they started focusing on Audrina and Speidi.

  • I’m seriously appalled that this show has gone on as long as it has. It’s amazing what people will watch.

    I am a reality tv junkie and it was like pulling teeth to sit through the ONE episode my Coronado, CA native roomie made me watch.

    I just wish ONE person on this show was redeemable, but they’re not.

  • “The Hills” = walking pieces of cardboard.

    I saw one episode of this show when I was sick and the remote was on the other side of the room. I had heard of it, but never seen it. I thought I was hallucinating-this is actually a TV show people watch on purpose? Geez, there’s no accounting for taste is there Molls?

  • HAHAHAHAHA fuck this show and fuck all the nitpicky comments about grammar JAYZUS PEOPLE you suck.

  • Oh holy mother of God, Heidi’s “face” while “crying” really scared the crap out of me. And I’m not kidding, not even a single bit. Besides that, this preview made me laugh… I don’t know why, maybe because it looks so dramatic and fake.

    “All my favorite stories are my stories with YOU! All my favorite memories are with YOU!”

    “I’m very emotional these days..” – “You’re crazy, you lost it”