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Dr. James Franco?

James Franco has studied film at NYU, got his BA at UCLA, just picked up an MFA at Columbia and now he’s going for his PhD. The Yale Herald reported this week that James has been accepted in to their English PhD program. And to think that just last year this guy was doing stints on soap operas! Wow! What a year!

From The Yale Herald:

Our sources tell us he’ll be here starting in September, though lucky Yalies may see him around campus in the coming weeks for admitted students events. Franco was on campus earlier this academic year for a Berkeley College Master’s Tea, causing a huge commotion among the ladies, the gays and the soap-opera fans.

James’ “people” have also confirmed that he was accepted in to the program and that Yale is his first choice (I wonder where else he applied…), but they cannot confirm wether or not he’ll be going through with it.

Wow, if this guy was completely silent except for when he was laughing, in possession of a pizza oven, had a grow house, never ever wore jean shorts and was willing to finance my life so I could lay in bed all day and talk to myself, he might just be the most perfect man alive.

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