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Ross and Rachel Are Off Again

Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer reportedly aren’t so friendly after Jen’s most recent Tonight Show appearance. According to the Examiner (a really, really, super credible news source), David’s pissed that Jen told David Letterman that she really had no idea who her former on-screen love interest was engaged to.  And he’s being dramatic about it, too. David’s reportedly not even taking Jen’s phone calls. To be fair, I said the same exact thing when I found out he’d gotten engaged.

Assuming David and Jennifer aren’t super close (think about how different their lives have been the last 10 years… She became A-list/Brad Pitt’s wife and who can name the last thing Schwimdawgs was in?), I don’t really see what the big deal is. I mean, aren’t celeb-types usually thrilled when the details of their personal life are vague?

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  • Schwimmer was in both Madagascars (most likely infinitely better and more original movies than whatever crap Aniston is making)

  • OMG!!! Molls… you are such a dumbass! You are the worst journalist I have ever known of. Not only are you incapable of constructing a complete sentence time and time again; you even fuck up common knowledge information. Fix your fucking mistakes! Oh, and just F.Y.I…. you never, ever, start a sentence with “And”, I learned that in the third grade.

      • i ken rite how ever i want two, im not getin payd for bein a writer on this hear website so you can suk mi

      • Dizzle, now that you posted that last bit about not receiving compensation for being a dumbass, I guess you can chalk up whatever you want to it, but what you said about starting sentences with a conjunction is horseshit; I’m glad that you learned about it in the third grade, but maybe you should continue receiving education after that as well.

        Starting a sentence with a coordinating conjunction is perfectly fine, as it gives it a more informal vibe. Do you think that Molls is trying to be formal right now? I certainly don’t see your black tie that you’re not wearing while stuffing your (probable) fatass with ice cream and oreos in front of your monitor, so let’s assume that it’s a more casual affair. Now, if she does decide to use conjunctions at the beginning of her sentences too often, then yeah, her writing will seem more poorly written than it already is, but not for the reasons that you gave.

        So in the future, please save your “OMG!!!” moments to yourself. And also, go fuck yourself.

      • hey roofie, go have a threesome and stop boring us with your obnoxious comments- she can have an opinion, same as you, same as me. And, that doesnt imply u have to go bat shit crazy on her ass or worse… be a professor know it all.

      • Waka Waka, I’m fairly positive that Dizzle was being a professor know it all first, then Katie pointed out something funny, then Dizzle went full retard. I’m just sharing my opinion with everyone else.

        But I love opinions! Like the fact that my comments are obnoxious. OOOooohhhhh. Tell me more!

      • “if she does decide to use conjunctions at the beginning of her sentences too often, then yeah, her writing will seem more poorly written than it already is”

        I don’t think she can write any worse than she’s already doing. Oh, and by the way, your ugly.

  • Do none of the writers on this site proofread or do research before posting? Gees, everyone knows Letterman hosts The Late Show.

  • Ditto about Jay Leno doing the Tonight show and Letterman doing the Late Show. Happens to everyone Molls.

    I didn’t watch it but I hope Jen wasn’t rude or making it sound like David was irrelevant. Knowing her (and being totally obsessed!), I’m gonna guess it was just some no biggie comment she made that wasn’t supposed to be mean or taken too seriously. If this is true, which there’s a good chance it’s not, hopefully they’ll work it out. Afterall, Ross and Rachel R 4 EVA!

  • gosh the commenters here are mean…lol. i hate stories like this i always hope they aren’t true. i prefer to think that everyone gets along. and rainbows, i like rainbows

  • Pretty sad how long the commenter’s correction has been up and the mistake is still there…I don’t think people here are mean, I’m glad they’re finally reacting to the drop in quality that came along with all the new ‘writers’.