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Miley Cyrus’ Heart is a Revolving Door

Sort of.

Miley Cyrus speaks out (again) about her newest beau, Liam Hemsworth and how they met.  Reportedly, Hemsworth opened the door for the pop singer on the set of their new movie The Last Song, which was filmed on Tybee Island in Georgia last year and that was all she needed to know to realize that Liam was “the one.”

Miley states that she’d “been in L.A. for three years” didn’t think that “any guy had opened doors” for her during that entire time.

After self-proclaimed “weird science chemistry” on set, Cyrus informed Hemsworth that he was going to be her boyfriend.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how these 21st century Hollywood women work.   Miley’s always appeared to be the pushy assertive one in her relationships and that’s always kind of been their short-lived demise.

Have no fear, though, Miley supporters: she’s been with Liam for almost a year, so this one’s got to be the one … right?

Ah, young love.

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  • Shouldn’t it be “Open Door,” since her now-boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, didn’t hold open a revolving door?
    Based on the People piece, the early courtship in this relationship was like a polite/Disney version of the casting couch. First, Miley Cyrus interviewed/auditioned Liam Hemsworth, then she declared to the movie’s director that Liam had won the part, then she wooed Liam and declared to him that he was going to become her boyfriend.
    Oh, and the part where the then 16-year-old girl declared to the movie’s director that the guy that she has the the hots for had won the part is an early sign that the quality of this movie project may be suspect.

  • Hanna Montana is filming its last season, then is bye-bye to round faced Miley Cyrus and that annoying voice. It will be amusing to see to what lengths the soon-to-be legally aged Cyrus will do to get the paparazzi’s attention.

  • God, give her a break. I’m not a huge Miley fan, but come on! These days boys don’t open doors for girls, I’d be impressed too if a boy did that for me.

  • Miley! Why Don’t you just choose One Boii Rather Den Fuckin 5-timing another boy!

    You are a straight tripped out Fuckin, make dat Mother fuckin’ WHORE ‘N’ HOE!


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