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Joaquin Phoenix Loves PETA, is One Snaky Dude

The big Wa has evidently — and completely — dropped the bizarre faux-rap act and has opted for something with a little more, excuse the pun, gut.

Phoenix is stumping for a much greater cause these days: PETA.  In doing this, he clearly felt there was no better way to convey his support for PETA than to show us writhing, half-dead animal heads just after dinner. You can check out the above video for something that’ll make you never want to buy snakeskin anything  – ever — again.

Warning: This video is extremely, unbelievably graphic.  I don’t recommend watching it if you’ve just eaten, or if you’ve just finished reading the previous entry regarding Jesse James’ Playgirl offer.

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  • I couldn’t even finish this video. It’s absolutely heartbreaking. I wish people were more aware.. But everyone would rather keep a comfortable distance from the truth and live in a bubble. Animal cruelty is disgusting and sadly will probably never be stopped. :( Breaks my heart.

  • The sick fucks to skin snakes alive for a living should be skinned themselves. I truly believe that we all have a hell designed specifically for our sins. We know what his hell will be – as well as those who buy the products.

  • Yes it’s uncomfortable to watch, but PETA conveniently never mentions the communities who a) make full use of the dead animal (ex: seals up North) and b) depend on the money garnered from animal skin trade. They think they can fix the problem by not buying an Alligator bag? Dream on PETA, and try some empathy for your fellow humans sometime.

  • you really think it’s cool to club a seal to death as long as you “make full use of the dead animal”? quit being selfish and go veg

    • Ok….get informed
      The seals are killed in the most humane way possible. When clubbed, they are killed instantly, however they are most often shot, which also kills them instantly.

      Did you know that those celebrity protestors who cuddle next to the baby seals are doing more dammage to them than the hunters are? (seeing how they do not kill the whitecoats). By touching a white coat, their scent is changed, making them unrecognizable to the mother seal, and therefore causing her to reject her offspring, (eventually causing the death of the whitecoat)

      If we let all the seals live, they would become so overpopulated that they would all starve to death (which is so much more humane…..), and they would eat all the Cod fish, causing the species to become endangered again (but they’re not cute, so you don’t care)

      Stop listening to PETA, learn for yourself then form your own opinions. Some people are so ignorant of reality, it drives me nuts..

      • “but they’re not cute, so you don’t care”

        So true. I’d high five you if I could. :)

        I’d love to run a sociological experiment with a Youtube video highlighting the plight of termites and how much they suffer when you nuke them with poison. I wonder how many people would join my cause. Maybe if I drew some Disney-like bugs with big eyes and quivering chins?

        On a related note, someone once asked “If cats looked like iguanas, would you still find the way that they play for hours with their half-dead prey “adorable”? Good point, that.

      • @Megan you live on planet Earth, get down from your custom designed pink cloud and open any basic biology book. In nature no species are over thriving and destroying their NATURAL habitat. Unlike humans, the animals have self-adjusting population numbers depending on as little as seasonal changes, not to mention food abundance and territory. We, humans, used to call this common sense when it was still part of our heritage. I know it will come as a shock to you, but the purpose of life in nature is continuing to stay alive until your species survival is secured. And the best way of doing that is to have offspring that is not humanely fast (of no relevance cause the mother is a seal an I am fairly sure that her moral guidelines and time perception are slightly different) clubbed or shot in front of a mother that has been starving for weeks taking care of her offspring.

      • Oh Jesus, where to even begin….

        “In nature no species are over thriving and destroying their NATURAL habitat.”

        Lots of species have “over thrived” and destroyed their natural habitat and had to leave it behind, or indeed screwed up so royally that they are now extinct. Look up “animal overpopulation”, or research what happens to elk when they over-breed, or just look up locusts, or bacterial colonization, or cut to the chase and look up how and why 98% of all earth’s species are now extinct.

        “Nature” is not some perfect force that works only for the good and always gets it right. But as long as you create a dividing line between “natural” and “unnatural” and dump humans in the latter (as most people do), you will never see that.

        “the purpose of life in nature is continuing to stay alive until your species survival is secured”

        You said it yourself. Nowhere did you say that the purpose of one species is to prioritize the survival of another.

        “open any basic biology book.”

        Sounds to me like that’s all you did. High school biology basics, and fairly recently, too, am I right?

      • Where should I begin? All your examples are SEASONAL aleatory happenings. And the situation redresses itself next season. Still basic biology. So does the habitat. The planet Earth is a self-adjusting system. Balance. Bacteria’s role is precisely that: to consume and recycle. And it serves a precise purpose.
        The 98% theory WAS NEVER PROVED and is mainly a supposition. Like the origins of hominids, the extinction of the dinosaurs, the primordial soup and the BB. And it is wrong in it’s essence since it refers to strains, not species. The main cause of species extinction refers to natural catastrophic events. Not over thriving. Still basic. The line I am drawing separates NATURAL and ARTIFICIAL. That’s why in remote islands the imported fauna and flora have nearly destroyed the native species. Humans haven’t really learned how NOT to spit against the wind, but have the arrogance to believe that they understand and control nature. Kind of what you are doing.
        Nature is cruel, crushing, insensitive but FAIR. Never thought otherwise. I am not leaving the mankind outside the equation. By everything it does the mankind took itself out of it . Stop assuming that age has any relevance to this discussion, only sociopaths and idiots judge by quantity. And rest assured, my high school years are many years and many books behind me. Not all basic. Although again, life is not about complicated hypotheses and counting, it’s simple and it makes sense. Remember?

  • going to have to agree with alice. i’m a huge snake fan (and by this i mean live ones that are intact, thank you), but there are still hunters who have families with mouths to feed––somehow we never really hear from them.

    • Those hunters should have legitimate jobs. There is a good reason for which no one complains that, say, assassins or torturers are “just trying to make a living.” If what you do for a living is, well, evil, then you should either get a new job or stop living.

      • And who gets to make the call as to what job is “evil” and should be punishable by death?

      • Societies do this all of the time. Killers for organized crime get the death penalty (inconsistently, like everything else).

        And, as for “who decides” . . . well, I have no problem establishing the guidelines for this. Certainly anyone whose “profession” includes acts so cruel that they are not merely a crime against the victim or its species but against every living being should not be allowed to continue at said profession.

      • That’s what I’m getting at – societies decide by majority vote. In other words, if killing snakes (or whatever) does not carry a death penalty in your country, you don’t get to act as if it does and dole out what you deem to be appropriate punishment.

        So unless you’re planning to lobby for your cause, I don’t see how you’d have “no problem establishing the guidelines”. (Unless by “decide” you mean “have an opinion about”.)

      • I apologize; I should have been more clear. By “no problem” I meant that I have no trouble, personally, identifying what is right and what is wrong. These issues require time and careful consideration.

        I did not mean that causing laws to represent these moral conclusions would be easy. I have little patience for democracy (it allows things like, say, slavery), so the only way that I could legislate things so that the “justice system” carries out actual justice in a consistent manner is, well, probably if I had a massive army. So . . . this is fairly unlikely.

        I apologize; I should have used language that is less vague.

    • I’m sorry, but of course a website which is trying to stop the seal hunt will shove this information down the public’s throats. I live in Newfoundland, I support the seal hunt 100%. As I said before, guns are almost always used, and I think that the methods of killing seals are as humane, if not more human than those used to kill chickens or cows.

      Should we boycott all American meat products because they sit chickens in a tiny cage until they are big enough to chop their heads off and kill them? No, because it’s a huge financial benefit to the farmers and everyone else involved. The seal hunt is the same for Newfoundlanders and reptile skin is the same for some other countries.

      • a) chicken farmers aren’t making shit

        b) humans are over-populated and i’m not allowed to club OR shoot them.

        c) fuck off.

      • “chicken farmers aren’t making shit”

        Yeah, that’s terrible. Maybe they should stop farming chickens altogether and make less than shit. No, wait, I’ve got it – maybe they should pack their bags, move to NYC and become fashion models!

        “humans are over-populated and i’m not allowed to club OR shoot them”

        I know, eh? I also complain about that all the time.

  • I think PETA goes way over the top. They are forever doing stunts like catching kids between school and home and telling them they are fat and have acne because they drink milk. On the other hand I am always amazed at how many people are freaked out by videos like this. How do you people not know how dead animal stuff is created? And why are you surprised at how insensitively people make a living from their natural resources? Do you think that office job of yours is a long running family tradition? And those “sterile” looking grocery products are not the norm for most of the planet let alone for the rest of human history. A lot of cultures use and eat the animal products in their lives including reptiles. Yes we need to improve the manor in which animals are killed and we need to aggressively target cruel and non-sustainable animal industries. But people we can do better than PETA – there is very little ethics in that “E”. If you really want to do some good put down your methane burger and your carnivore fish sushi and learn about your impact on this planet. Being shocked by a PETA ad doesn’t do shit. Honestly – how many of you were ever in your life going to buy crocodile boots? Your time and emotional interest could be much better spent.

    • Excellent, excellent, excellent.

      The people in PETA are a bunch of bipolar fucking nut jobs, and half the people who agree with and/or contribute to those fanatics do not even know or understand what the hell their position is on most issues. A lot of times they are violating the very rules PETA puts forth. There will always be people that eat meat. Lets just try and come to an agreement on how to be as humane as possible. But, no. Like every liberal nut job organization there is never any compromise, some elite little group of pot smokers knows whats best for the whole fucking world. PETA is a fucking JOKE! Eat my meat ass holes!

      • I know this is being pedantic, but I need to point this out. Bi Polar disorder is a real disease and it doesn’t make you a nut job. Be careful there.

      • actually is sort of does make you a nut job, depending on how bad it is. i live with someone bipolar and they’re fucking crazy.

      • this is no place to be sensitive, dear erin. this comment section is full of fuckers, man, ya get used to it!

      • Haha – thanks Torie. I know a lot of people with bipolar and it’s a horribly stigmatized disease. Hang in there. x




  • “When savouring a tender mouthful of veal, or deliberating over those cuisses de grenouille, how do you stop yourself from thinking about the misery and pain that the animal experienced? I mean, doesn’t the thought of a baby calf, crying in fear to be reunited with its mother, upset you – just a little? Doesn’t it take the edge off your appetite?
    Meat eaters do not allow such unpleasant thoughts to interfere with the weighty processes of ingestion and digestion. But actions have consequences. When someone eats veal, the consequence is that the market for veal increases, and more baby calves will be born and live sad and wretched lives.
    Yet in the divided mind of the meat eater, no connection between his action and the inevitable consequence has been made, because unpleasant thoughts like that are simply not permitted. And so he or she learns to live in a kind of dream world, where actions don’t have consequences, and self-gratification takes precedence over everything.” peter cox, you don’t need meat

    eating meat hurts the environment, obviously hurts animals and hurts us – heart disease, obesity, the creation of super viruses because of the increasingly disgusting practices in the meat industry. it has nothing to do with peta and EVERYTHING to do with getting informed. you should try it.

    • So what happens when we all stop eating meat, and all the animals become overpopulated and a majority of them die of starvation because there is not enough food for them all to eat?

      • Now, I could yell at you like a lot of people are but I actually want to teach you something. First I want to know if you are in favor of inhumane treatment of animals, such as clubbing seals because that’s what it sounds like. Two, although I am a vegetarian, I am not against other people eating meat, just what their source of meat is. The real problem is more about how animals are treated before they die for meat; it’s truly horrific, and in turn the reason why there are e-coli outbreaks in meat and spinach etc. And a lot of animals are going extinct because we are eating so much of them, like fish.

    • “the misery and pain” “crying in fear”, “actions have consequences”, “no connection between her action and the inevitable consequence has been made”, “because unpleasant thoughts like that are simply not permitted”, “she learns to live in a kind of dream world, where actions don’t have consequences, and self-gratification takes precedence over everything.”

      Wow, how similar to the arguments a lot of people make, yet are ridiculed and spat upon, and made fun of, when talking about abortion.

      God forbid a baby seal is clubbed, but all is right with the world when you crack open the skull of an infant.

      HALLELUIAH … Praise the logic and word of the liberal LORD!!!!!!

      • Wow! The “hunters” are bashing the skulls of undeveloped seal fetuses with the not-quite-yet-mother-seal approval? That puts everything in perspective for today. Praise Good Lord for this revelation…. I’m sure all those infants that died outside christian faith and spend an eternity of loneliness and suffering are absolutely fine with it. And those countless already first-born killed by divine command back in time had no problems with accepting their undeserved death AND the eternity of torture. And neither are you. Is hypocrisy a virtue? Not yet? You should consider it.

      • “God forbid a baby seal is clubbed, but all is right with the world when you crack open the skull of an infant.”

        Given that you are talking about a fetus in contrast with a fully viable, sentient creature . . . what exactly was your point? Because if this were not sarcastic, I would just agree with you.

      • Really? Good Lord, you just love throwing around the term, “cracking open an infant’s skull” – That comment, as it relates to abortion is ridiculous. If you’re talking about late-term abortion, why don’t you look up some statistics regarding the percentage of pregnancies terminated at that point? Do you think women abort a pregnancy at that point because they’ve just gotten around to it or that they’ve carried a pregnancy that long and suddenly changed their mind? Your position is very cruel.

        I know a woman that was told at 6 months gestation that her baby had no brain and wouldn’t live. It was heartbreaking. She chose not to terminate the pregnancy and gave birth a few *agonising* weeks later to a baby that died minutes after birth. It basically suffocated because its lungs weren’t developed and she was there to see it. I guess you see that as the “kinder” or more what, “Christian” option?

  • then things would happen as they should in nature. not to mention, a majority of the animals that you’re talking about wouldn’t exist in abundance – factories of chickens and cows don’t aren’t naturally occurring.

    • I can respect vegetarians and vegans. I believe they are acting on their convictions, which I really admire. But what many of them (and, it seems, you too) seem to think that meat eaters must automatically be operating with blinders on.

      Personally, I am well aware of what exactly happened to my steak before it got to my plate. I am even more aware of all the horrifying ramifications of factory farming.

      For me, though, the solution is not to stop eating all meat. It’s to stop eating meat that was mistreated, cramped, and hormone-and-antibiotic-injected during its life.

      You claim that for omnivores, “unpleasant thoughts…are not permitted.” Perhaps it has not occurred to you that some of us don’t find the idea of eating animals to actually BE unpleasant. It may bug you, but animals eat other animals. Humans have eaten other animals since forever. I am a proponent of making sure the animal products I eat are raised and butchered in a healthier way than they are in factory farms, but frankly, the fact that cute furry things are killed for my nourishment simply does not bother me.

      You may think that makes me (and the majority of your fellow humans) a monster, but there it is. I am not misinformed. I simply react to the data differently than vegetarians do.

      • I’ve been a vegetarian since I was fourteen, and I really appreciate your representing omnivores who think the way you do. I’m glad you’re in favor of coming by animal products in healthier ways, but you’re completely right that “animals eat other animals” – and I in no way think you’re a “monster” for being okay with participating in the food chain as it’s existed for millions of years.

        I just wanted you to know that not all vegetarians and vegans make assumptions about people who eat meat. You and I may not make exactly the same choices, but I respect yours and I really appreciate that you respect mine.

    • but Mary, nature is us eating meat. The seal hunt is a well controlled, traditional (more natural) way of life. It’s actually ideal. Legalisation (especially for exotic skins) and control is the key.
      And don’t forget if we really did let nature take its course we wouldn’t be able to vaccinate our babies anymore, we would have to start killing off our weak, and abandoning the men without families in the (post-apocalyptic) jungle because there would not be enough food to sustain us. Would PETA be there to save you?

    • but Mary, nature IS us eating meat. The seal hunt is a well controlled, traditional (more natural) way of life. It’s actually ideal. And the argument that humans were meant to be vegetarian is impossible. The Inuit for example, when on their traditional diets, are far healthier (obviously) with less evidence of heart disease.
      And don’t forget if we did let nature take its course we wouldn’t be able to vaccinate our babies anymore, we would have to start killing off our weak, and abandoning the men without families in the post apocalyptic jungle because there would not be enough food to sustain us. Would PETA be there to save you?

    • In nature we wouldn’t be able to vaccinate our babies, we would have to kill off our weak, and abandon our single men without families because there would not be enough food to sustain us.
      Would PETA be around to save you then?

  • eating meat isn’t good for humans, despite what the meat industry tells you to think. it causes heart disease and obesity a lot of the other things that kill us in western culture that are strikingly absent from vegetarian cultures. humans are naturally herbivores. we’ve got flat teeth, long dexterous fingers, long lower intestines, all the trappings of naturally vegetarian animals. the idea that “cute furry things are killed for your nourishment” is simply not true – it’s the same thing as calling french fries a health food. you don’t need meat.

    • No, over-eating and eating total crap causes obesity and heart disease. I eat meat at least 5 out of the 7 days of the week. I am completely, 100% perfectly healthy, because I eat in moderation and exercise.

      Meat does not equal obesity and heart disease. Irresponsibility equals obesity and heart disease. It isn’t like a delicious, medium rare steak sneaked up behind me, clubbed me over the head, and forced its way down my throat. Sheesh. I CHOSE to eat that delicious grilled chicken salad, and that yummy veal piccata. Stop blaming meat for everyone’s health problems. People are responsible for their own diets and their own lifestyles.

  • huh?
    i’m not talking giving up modern science. you’re really extrapolating there. and just look at china if you want an example of the problems of eating meat, especially modern meat that lacks a ton of the good stuff that people want to eat it for since it’s been genetically mutated to be 30 percent fat – the richer population that gets to indulge in meat is developing all of the same health problems we have here while the traditional veggies in the countries are not. i get that some cultures eat meat and are still healthy, but the argument that meat is healthy is absurd. i eat cookies and am still healthy but that doesn’t make cookies healthy. and i hate peta. just because i want to avoid taking part in exploitative and abusive practices doesn’t mean i’m into any group. but i do appreciate that you needed to insult me somehow. nice.

    • Don’t forget that “the richer population that gets to indulge in meat” spends most of their lives sitting on their asses all day. True story.

      • Also, the “richer population” tends to lead a more stressful life than, say, a farmer. Which is also very taxing on one’s health.

        (And yes, I know that it may seem counter-intuitive that a person who struggles with poverty has a less stressful life, but it is generally true. Most people living modern lifestyles have way, way more decisions to make and stressful situations than those who lead simply, more challenging lives)

      • I agree with that, for the most part. I think a farmer experiences as much stress as anyone (everyone has their own worries) but gets to work off the chemical element of that stress through physical activity. The “richer population” (or what I call “us office grunts”) work up a lot of adrenaline and let it pile up without an adequate release.

        Disclaimer: I am generalizing. I know some “office grunts” (myself included) actually go to gym. :oP

      • Yeah, all those rich people just sit around shaving off gold and floating from cloud to cloud in their mansions.

        Are you fucking serious? People who are “rich” aren’t just rich because money fell out of the sky and onto their laps. They have to WORK HARD for that money. If it were easy to be rich and the only requirement for wealth was laziness, there would be a lot more fucking rich people.

        Obviously, there are people (like Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, whoever) who inherit money, but HOW is it any of your business what they do with that money as long as they aren’t hurting people or doing anything illegal with it?

        People who condemn the rich simply for being rich and don’t take into consideration the fact that in order to earn money, you HAVE TO WORK FOR IT need a serious reality check. Quit being jealous that you haven’t worked hard enough, or don’t possess the talent to earn copious amounts of wealth.

        “Sitting on ones ass all day” does not make the dollars start flowing in.

      • Actually, Paris Hilton has not used her family’s money since she turned eighteen. She is kind of a secret genius when it comes to business.

        Also, I believe that Erandyn’s point was that, physically, wealthy people are less likely to have to “work hard,” even if they have worked hard their entire lives in, say, business. Slaving away on little sleep at a computer or a desk is a great deal of work and stress, but it is not exercise.

      • RE: paris hilton – betch has a MAAAAAASSIVE trust fund. you bet your sweet ass she’s still using family money.

      • Have you noticed that Paris Hilton appears in commercials and attends club openings and such? She is paid for each of those appearances. She makes millions each year. So, even if she has a trust fund, she works for what she has.

      • oh yes, and you must be in her slimy P.R. camp. her “business” is a joke. her business being whoring herself out for a pretty penny. gross. no thank you. she’s where she is aaaaaaaaaaaaall because of the rich vagina she came out of. zero talent. gurrrrl? YOU know it’s true.

      • Dude, you completely missed my point. When I said “sitting on their asses all day”, I meant *literally* sitting on their asses all day. I wasn’t talking about laziness or lack of productivity, I was talking about lack of actual physical activity.

        I’m not saying “rich people” (and I don’t even mean Branson-rich, the context was “people who can afford meat”) don’t work hard, I’m saying they generally don’t engage in manual labour, or get out much, or go to gym, etc. but rather spend most their lives in an office, or driving/flying to and from places… which also involves literally, physically sitting on their asses… know what I’m sayin’?

  • No no, I didn’t mean to insult you, (also didn’t mean to post three times in a row)
    I meant that seriously…I didn’t realise you weren’t a PETA advocate so sorry about that….I just meant that SOME people put so much stock in these special interest groups but they are not present to help the people when in need. That’s all I meant I really meant no offence.

  • I had to come back and make a second comment because a snide little thought keeps bouncing around my brain. I made a quip about how many of us would actually be in the market for crocodile boots… you know, Pam Anderson’s over tanned hide would probably make a really long lived pair of boots. All that sun lotion, fake tanner and Hollywood cellulite treatments means she’s most of the way through the leather processing and to be honest her skin has been in fashion way WAY longer than I would ever have expected. If I was in the market for a pair of dead animal boots and had to choose between bashing a farmed crocodile over the head vs Pam Anderson… actually that wouldn’t be a tough decision for me. I’m not suggesting anyone should be chasing her around with an aluminum baseball bat but if I had to choose between reptile leather and PETA celebrity leather I would choose the option with a few less scales. Next time she says something stupid on behalf of PETA I’m just going to imagine her as a fashion accessory and maybe she will seem less annoying.

    • Now you are all understanding and some what apologetic (compared to your previous diatribe). What happened? Did your buzz wear off? Fucking Idiot. Do you even have any well defined beliefs or do you just go off according to what the specific narcotic you took dictates? Fucking ASS!

      • WTF? I don’t use an icon and I didn’t link to me first comments. From me “Yes we need to improve the manor in which animals are killed and we need to aggressively target cruel and non-sustainable animal industries. But people we can do better than PETA – there is very little ethics in that “E”. ” How the hell does a joke about Pam Anderson boots make me a fucking idiot in reference to my beliefs. I don’t feel that PETA is a responsible or reasonable organization for any of the issues including our use and abuse of animals, animal products in our diet/heath or the environmental impact of the animal industry.

  • I’m amazed every time vegans point at meat eaters and talk about crying baby animals,pain and things like this. Just because you people don’t eat meat you think that you’re better than others are.Just a quick question for you,what are plants? Let me answer it,they are living organisms just like animals or humans! They have a life circle,they begin their lives as a seed,than grow in to a plant or a tree,and just because they don’t cry or run away you think you can eat them? When you ripp that plant out of the earth you are killing it,to eat it.So if you don’t stop eating plants than stop pointing at meat eating people,your not better…

    The thing is that there will be always people who will eat meat,and there is nothing wrong with it.I think the methods how people keep animals,and how they are killed must be improved to cause as less pain as possible,to make the lives of the animals as good as possible.

    Sorry for any spelling mistakes,english is not my native language.

    • actually plants give you the waste off the plants to eat. apples, oranges, etc are the parts that drop off of them to repopulate the planet. and they’re made so delicious because people and animals are supposed to pick them and eat them and throw the seeds miles away that the tree could never reach. the plants like carrots and other roots that you ‘kill’ to eat die every year anyway and have to regrow in the spring.

      yes plants do have a life cycle, they’re designed to nourish life. blood and souls were not.

  • This is so sad. What is being done to these animals is terribly cruel, but there’s just as much awful stuff that goes on in the meat industry as well. Where do you draw the line on this stuff before you hit veganism?

    I buy free range meat, I don’t wear skins (only vinyl – no leather, because I’ve never seen ‘free range leather products’), and this still breaks my heart.

    Nature is inherently cruel, but surely we can rise above this?

    Why would you want to wear snake skin anway – it’s freaking gross.
    Very conflicted, not sure what the answers are.

    • I am in the same boat as you, it’s extremely tough to watch videos about this, but after all the hype with the seal hunt that’s going on right now, I can’t help but support the industry.

      I’ve seen people whose main income has been taken away because no one will buy their products, false claims by groups like PETA which make it seem like the hunters are barbarians, and at some point during this, a lightbulb went off for me. At what point do we stop humanizing animals, and worry about all the starving, homeless people in the world?

      I would never kill an animal, because I would not feel comfortable doing so, but I know people who do, and I support them. Especially if they are using every part of the animal that they can, and putting nothing to waste. I’d rather see a few people eating some seal or some beef than see them all starving to death (which I think is worse suffering than a quick gunshot or blow to the head).

      Oh well, I’ve stirred up enough shit on here, time for me to leave :)

      • “I would never kill an animal, because I would not feel comfortable doing so, but I know people who do, and I support them.”

        he who kills the animal, butchers the animal, sells the animal, buys the animal, cooks the animal, and eats the animal all share equal karma for the killing.

  • I have seen many videos about the way the animals are raised and killed..its horrible..I love a good steak, and only buy free range meat..I couldn’t afford alligator or snakeskin, and wouldn’t buy it even if I could..I just rented a documentary called “meat” and it was on showed in detail what goes on inside the meat industry..terrible…

  • you guys…no one is going to talk about PETA’s giant walk-in freezer? you know, the one where they store dead animals? because they’re too lazy/cheap to spend funding on finding homes for them? so they kill them instead? you know….that one?

    we’re not going to talk about that?

      • PETA is a radical organization and their core belief is that human should not use animals in ANY way including pets. The publicly say that cats and dogs have been domestically bred to be companions so they are sort of okay to have as pets. I think that is just because no one would support them if they actually told everyone you shouldn’t have a cat or a dog. PETA often put animals to sleep because in their messed up view they are saving them from animal slavery at the hand of humans.
        I have dog and cat allergies so I have birds in my life. My 2 little parrots are domestically bred from a long line of domestically bred birds. Canada has good rules going back decades banning wild caught parrots. My guys are emotional and physically healthy and we have a good life together. PETA thinks I should not have these animals at all. The avian pet industry worldwide has huge problems with wild caught animals and all the pain an destruction that industry inflicts on the animals and environment. Many countries such as the US have road side animal vendors selling illegal wild caught animals, animals from unfit breeding facilities and even stolen family pets. There is also a huge problem with people buying pet birds without a full understanding of their emotional or physical needs. These are real problems that can be greatly improved by informing the public. I feel PETA actually damages the efforts to improve on these issues. I am not an immoral criminal for having these animals in my life. And I can tell you for sure that my parrots don’t think of themselves as my animal slaves.

      • okay, I know the website seems radical itself, but this information is legit. a few years back the blueprints of peta’s headquarters were leaked and they show the industrial freezer mentioned here. i believe this about 85%, because peta does some pretty extreme things and i really wouldn’t put it past them to hide a bunch of dead animals in their headquarters to avoid scandal. oops.

        true or not, peta sucks.

      • wow that article is eye opening! they’ve killed over 23,000 domestic pets in the past decade. SICK!!!

  • It’s really difficult to make a convincing argument that eating meat is unhealthy for humans. Research from respectable sources validating both sides of that coin is easily procured.

  • remember only the rich buy this stuff. know how much them boots cost ? look them up . most people dont have that kind of cash for that stuff . all about the money . look how much baseball players make today . millions $$$$$$$$ bet they buy stuff like that for there hot wifes and girlfriends …

  • deer in headlights watching this video. i didn’t read the disclaimer about how graphic it is. thanks for posting. i don’t believe in/support wearing real fur. i will never support exotic animal skins for fashion or any kind of use. there are plenty of cruelty free alternatives. i hope one day this industry will be completely ‘out of business’
    thanks again for posting the video

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