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Lindsay Lohan Was Pushed Into a “Large, Sharp Plant” By “Crazy Paparazzi”

At least, according to her Twitter page.

Lohan took a spill of epic proportions last night after lines of coke and Adderal being totally sober, in case you hadn’t seen the photos. I didn’t even really think it was worthy to publish a story on it, ’cause the drunkard’s always falling on her ass in one photo or another, but her Tweet actually made me for-real-LOL.

Lindsay’s Tweet earlier in the day read:

Only I would get pushed into a large, sharp plant by crazy paparazzi!!! I need to start wearing more flats :/

You can check out the photos in the gallery.

And who the fuck is that helping her up in one of the photos, Don Cheadle?  If so, dude, you are so on my shit list.

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  • “Large, sharp plant”!!! Hahahahahhaha, that’s what happens when you haven’t had time to graduate from high school.

  • “And who the fuck is that helping her up in one of the photos, Don Cheadle? If so, dude, you are so on my shit list.”

    wtf? so much hate.

    and by the way, I don’t think she falls because she’s drunk, but because she’s being CROWDED by those morons. But yeah, keep saying that, it makes you look witty.

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  • I kind of feel bad for her sometimes, but then I remember that she created all this mess by herself. She was an amazing and really respected actress, and she was the one to destroy that image the world had of her by going to rehabd 3 times, being a drug addict and a mess.

  • Actually, I saw the video and she was talking in a fake British accent and no one was even near her when she fell on her ass in slow motion! Molls get the damn facts straight, it took me 30 seconds to see what really happened.

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