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Ladies and Gentlemen, The Vice-President of the United States of America Drops the F-Bomb

So, the health care reform was officially signed off upon today and Vice-President Joe Biden was, well, really “fucking” excited about it.

In an introduction of President Barack Obama, Biden is found to say — albeit in a muffled kind of way — “This is a big fucking deal.”

I can dig it; old Joe was a bit over-excited and forgot that the mics were live. This kind of stuff happens, even on international television. I personally found it pretty endearing.  Hell, even the President thought it was some funny shit. You can hear him giggle like a little girl around the :15 mark.

I’m obviously not the only one who appreciated VP Biden’s off-the-cuff remarks; White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs thought the whole thing was pretty entertaining, too.

On Gibbs’ Twitter page?

“And yes Mr. Vice President, you’re right…”

Classic.  And so appropriate for such a monumental occasion in 2010.

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  • Yes this highly contested, highly contentious piece of legislation whose constitutionality will probably have to be decided by the Supreme Court is the perfect occasion for the VP to be dropping the F-bomb and the Prez to be giggling like some fucking school girl. Those two idiots are a fucking embarrassment.
    And Sarah your a mindless douche as well. With this new Health Care Bill it’s nice to know I will probably be partially funding your next abortion. You can’t say I never did nothing for ya.

    Can I at least have a part in its creation?

      • Hmmm……….you say he should have said…..”partially funding you are next abortion”????

      • No, he should have said “you’re a mindless douche.” Don’t hurt yourself, anons of the world.

    • it’s constitutional.
      knock it off.

      ps: YOU’RE!!!
      if you’re so worried about taxes being wasted, how bout you pay attention to what you learned in 2md grade grammar. americans paid for that too.

      • It’s not constitutional to force people to purchase a product. Did you actually READ the bill?

      • Not at all. You aren’t forced to drive. You don’t HAVE to buy car insurance. If you decide to drive a car, however, you do. Car insurance is not there to protect YOU, it’s to protect those who you may crash into. If you decide to drive a vehicle, you are, therefore, more likely to hit someone in said vehicle than you are if you don’t drive (obviously), and the other drivers on the road should be protected from you. Car insurance does that. If you don’t want to buy car insurance, don’t drive a car. Take the bus. Simple as that.

        Also, insurance is regulated on the state level. The Feds can’t force you to buy a contract that is regulated by the States or penalize you for not entering into a contract that is regulated by the States.

        I repeat, car insurance is required by law if you drive a car, which is a CHOICE you get to make. This bill leaves you no choice: pay a private company for health insurance, or face stiff tax penalties. To compare this measure to car insurance is laughable.

    • There’s no federal funding for abortion. Not before the passage, not after it. Research fail.

      And it is a big fucking deal! I like Biden.

    • UGH do you realize the necessity of abortion? do you realize that if it was made illegal girls would harm their babies and THEN kill them while harming themselves with forces miscarriages, illegal abortions would start back up. not to mention the 100s of babies born and then killed by women who worked in getting rid of unwanted pregnancys without shame. china? japan? fact check me. there was a woman who killed like 200 babies that way starving them to death, neglect, strangling them.. a year after she was arrested abortion was legalized.

      is it the best option? no. am i morally against it? yes. should it be legalized? fuck yes. for the good of everyone involved.
      let the souls of the unwanted children move on to a child who is loved and wanted rather than grow up in a potentially miserable situation.

      get educated on the facts.

      • I was referring to the actual Healthcare Reform when I made my comment. I wasn’t talking about abortion.

        But since you brought it up to me, here’s how I feel: I don’t give two shits about abortion or how many children died in China, or Japan, or even America. I don’t fucking care. At all.

        I care more about the animals popping up on the endangered list because of our precious species.

        Now I’m just mad. Fuck you.

      • Yeah, don’t care about children dying but care about the animals on the endangered list. And that is one of the major problems with this country. People are content to let the children starve, but never an animal.

        You’re an idiot Emily.

      • Everything the human race touches turns to shit. Why should I show sympathy towards something that just grows up to become a part of that problem?

        Animals are far more valuable to the planet, and YOU’RE the idiot if you think otherwise.

  • Really that’s the only thing you guys could come up with? Oh no, Good Lord used your instead of you’re. Well at least Good Lord appears to be up on the facts.

    • You had better stop posting comments. You’re going to be late for your abortion appointment. I’ll be expecting the bill.

      • Shouldn’t you be out yelling “ni**er” at African American US Representatives or throwing bricks through Democrat Representative’s windows? Or maybe making phone calls to their offices threatening their families? Isn’t that what your kind is resorting to these days?

      • Since I don’t like partaking in the pleasure of seeing a doctor crush an infants skull in and suck out its brains I guess I am limited to yelling “Ni**er”, and throwing bricks. We all have our failings.

      • do u have a vagina? well if you do then you can have an abortion or you can raise your baby…cause you see, it is YOUR CHOICE, same as my choice, my neighbors choice, u get the drift. so u coming here and spreading your high and mighty opinions about what OTHER poeple should do is pathetic.
        and i´m not saying it´s ok to have an abortion, i personally dont think i would have one, yet when i was 15 it probably would have been a different story, or if i was raped… the point is, wether i think its ok or not its not MY CHOICE its the women who is getting the abortion´s choice, and you cant take that away from her-no matter how strongly u feel about it.

      • I don’t care what some irresponsible whore does with her fetus. What pisses me off is the Liberals are now making me have to fund abortions. Would all of you progressive, intellectual, tree hugging hipsters be happy if the government made you have to pay to send someones kid to say a Catholic school?
        Fuck no you wouldn’t.
        I am not trying to take away your choice. But the assholes in Washington aren’t giving me a fucking choice right now.

      • r u kidding? funding for abortion´s are NOT ON THE HEALTH CARE REFORM BILL! that is one of the main reasons it passed, because they took it out

      • r u kidding? Crawl back under your rock you ignoramus. Even your cohorts on CNN are saying all they did was change some wording, but ultimately abortions can and will be funded through the states……who get their funding through the feds…….it is called Government funded National Health Care……the states can’t opt out…..U.S. citizens can’t opt out… will be funded by the taxpayer. I don’t care whose signature is on the check or which bank it is drawn on it is still taxpayer money.

      • i´m just gonna quote… FROM CNN:
        “the House passed an amendment to pending health care legislation that prohibits federal funds for abortion services in the public option and in the insurance “exchange” the bill would create”. you can read the full article here if you care to inform yourself:

      • also read this article:

        which states:

        ” In fact, we found an amendment in a key version of the House plan that specifically seeks to ensure that federal funds are not used to subsidize abortion coverage. And so we ruled that claim False”.

        and this took me 5 min. with a quick google search, so you have no excuse for being so ignorant and bitter about something that is not even taking place.

      • Everything you just wrote I have already acknowledged. You didn’t even come close to addressing my main point. There are still so many avenues for abortions to still be funded by taxpayers albeit through some sort of program, but it is still taxpayer money.

        I’m not going to dance this dance with you anymore. Write all you want. I’m getting a fucking migraine. To bad it isn’t in my vagina then I could have the taxpayer pay to have it aborted.

      • Irresponsible whores, eh? That about sums it up. I do see your point about having to fund something you find reprehensible. Something that you equate to murder. And something you question the morality of. Like war. Fuckface.

      • I must agree that war is not always good, but there certainly were times in history when it was. You must agree also unless your grandparents where Nazi’s, or war obsessed Samurai. At least I have a partial argument.

        Please “rvh” give me an instance when it was crucial to world peace, or the survival of millions of people that some giggly, pot smoking, whoring, teen had no choice but to murder her child in order to “save” the world.

      • GoodLord: My point regarding war was that whether you agree with it, in any given instance, or disagree with it across the board, you pay for it via taxes. My point was that MANY in the US do not agree with the war in Iraq and feel that it was not justified and that it is a senseless, murderous campaign. Still they pay.

        Re: giggly teenage girls/filthy whores and their abortions. I am in my 30s. I am married. I have 4 children that it is increasingly difficult to support. My birth control failed a few years back and I had an abortion. I was in the middle of trying to go back to school with an infant in tow. I tried to convince my husband that abstinence was the best birth control but it didn’t really fly. In any event, there you go. I am not underage, I was not raped, there was no health risk. I aborted at 6wks/4days. I don’t regret it, it was necessary for my family. I also don’t feel that a woman who feels she needs an abortion needs to justify herself b/c it’s an immensely personal decision. Whether you agree with the decision I made is irrelevant too – I just wanted you to see, in all seriousness, that it is not simply a case of “sluts” and “giggling whores” lining up for their monthly abortions. I think you have a very narrow view of that particular issue.

      • It is also an “Immensely personal decision” when a soldier decides to put his/her life on the line for their country (irregardless of whether their superiors made the correct decision to go to war), or when an individual wants to attend a church service. Or, as is appropriate to this story, if an individual does or does not want to purchase Government mandated health insurance, or see a doctor they say they have to see, or maybe even have or not have a certain surgery performed.

        I think we can both agree that people do not like being told what the hell to do with their lives.

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  • As a long time reader of Evilbeet, can you please return to CELEBRITY GOSSIP. This new girl is not doing herself any favors using this site as her own personal blog. Just sayin’

    • huh? i wasn’t aware that sarah was close and personal with the prez enough to consider this type of post “personal”

    • If you’ve really been reading Evilbeet for such a long time, you’d know that Sasha has, from time to time, blogged about politics and politicians.

      • Here’s a novel idea, lets say we only elect an America loving, American citizen, as President next time. A fucking celebrity! He sure as fuck acts like one. They should give him a guest appearance on Jersey Shore, and have him fuck Snooki.
        People wouldn’t let their gardener perform surgery on them, they wouldn’t let the trash man fix the brakes on their kids car, but Americans will elect a Muslim Tool as President. This country has lost its soul and its mind.

      • Oh, they’re celebrities – in their own minds. They shouldn’t be labeled as such but to each their own I guess.

  • Her personal BLOG, as in a place where she can post whatever the hell she wants. Evilbeet is a place for celebrity commentary on gossip. The VP saying fuck and being “endearing” can go elsewhere.

    • I think as long as she’s writing for this blog she can post whatever she sees fit being that she’s WRITING FOR THIS BLOG. duh.

    • what, so you can? puh-lease. i don’t get why people piss and moan over who writes on this goddamned blog. they all sound the same after awhile anyway and that obviously hasn’t driven anyone away.

  • Oh for Fuck’s sake, lighten up.. I bet the Founding Fathers weren’t using proper English when discussing the signing of a certain document..

  • It’s astonishing what idiots the right wing loons are. The talking heads know if you repeat the lies enough their adoring sheep will believe it.
    As far as MANDATING goes… You are MANDATED to pay for social security. You are mandated to pay for Medicare. This will help the middle class, not the poor. The poor already have Medicaid. The highest wage earners will pay a
    little (yes, little) more to help those who can’t afford it. Those who make under $88k a year will get help. The insurance pool grows therefore your insurance premiums and/or benefits improve.

    Oh, and ta few years after the Constitution was ratified, George Washington MANDATED everyone HAD to purchase a gun and supplies. There’s your precedent.

    I’m so tired of fools.

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