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Hilary Duff Hides Out at Canadian Airport

Hilary Duff had to wait it out while her fiance, Mike Comrie, was 20 minutes late to scoop her up from the Edmonton International Airport this morning. She tried to hide behind a wall, but she was spotted by some young fans and agreed to post for pictures. Do you think maybe it was that huge-ass rock on her finger that gave her away? Despite his tardiness, Hilary seems thrilled to finally be with Mike once he arrives. These two are a cute couple. If she was a little older and he wasn’t a professional athlete, I’d say it might last.

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    • Molls has an aversion to spelling things correctly and proofreading.
      It’s fucking annoying!

      (And yes, I realize that I could just stop reading articles at Evil Beet. But I’d prefer it if the chick who’s being paid to write stops insulting all of us with her terribly unprofessional style. She’d better hold onto this job. Nobody who looks at this work would hire her.)

      • Don’t forget the sudden tense change, and the “was/wasn’t” instead of “were/weren’t” in the last sentence. Gah, it annoys me, too.

  • Just because she’s 22 and he’s a pro athlete doesn’t mean that their marriage is doomed to fail.

    • i agree, i got married at 21 and me and my man have just celebrated our 10th, more in love than ever!

  • Molls, you’re a great person! I don’t know why, but I felt like I really needed to say that..