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Are You Willing to Be Educated on Any Topic by Sarah Palin?

I know that when I think about the short list of things I want to learn about and people I want to learn about them from, “Alaska” and “Sarah Palin” are right at the very top. Thankfully, Discovery Communications has decided to pick up Sarah Palin’s documentary-style program, imaginatively titled “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” (LOL), and it’s rumored that Mark Burnett Productions will be earning about $1 million per episode. In terms of first-season cable TV money, that’s a pretty serious paycheck.

Here’s the question though: Who is going to watch this? Are there enough families out there that respect Palin and want them to educate their child about Alaskan wildlife when it’s not exactly the hardest information to come by? Let’s put it this way: If this show does well, we should all be more afraid than ever.

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  • No. Molls is spot on.

    Sarah Palin is anti intellectual, anti science, anti knowledge. She is dangerous in her stupidity.

    And she is fair game for this site. She is not a politician or an elected official or anything other than famous. She is a celebrity and therefore fodder for gossip.

  • Well considering she traded politics in Alaska for whoring out her family during the campaign, this comes as no surprise.

    I’d watch it only because I’m fascinated with someone that stupid. The fact that she has opposable thumbs and can walk upright is a Darwinian marvel

  • Sarah Palin’s Alaska? Here is Sarah’s vision of Alaska’s environment and wildlife:

    * She strongly supported drilling in ANWR
    * She sued the federal government to remove polar bears and Beluga whales from the endangered species lists.
    * She supported mining in Alaska without regard to impact on the environment.
    * Her appointments to the Board of Game have since systematically reduced protections to wolves and bears on federal land.
    * She offered $150 for each wolf’s paw and supported and encouraged wolf aerial hunting.
    * She doesn’t believe in climate change.

    • Anonymous! Would you be happy if she had established State run marijuana farms, passed out free condoms to elementary school kids, free needles and how to pamphlets for the drug addicts, tore down peoples homes so the wolves and bears would have more space to piss and shit, went around bitching about global warming while flying in a private jet and living in a home of over 10,000 square feet, or maybe arson classes for all the kiddies so they can grow up to burn down churches?
      Man that fucking Sarah Palin.
      Thanks for setting me straight dude.

      • WTF is wrong with you? Just because someone is against one thing, doesn’t mean they’d prefer the opposite extreme.

  • Let’s see comparing Lady Gaga to the ex-governor of Alaska showing us her state.. as amusing and acceptable to children? UM? >o-+< I think she's better prepared and very able to entertain us in a wholesome, more cultivating way.

  • Palin puts out a graphic with gunsights over Democratic House members?
    She is a domestic terrorist and Burnett ought to be ashamed of himself.
    The world is getting ugly out there.

  • Excellent! A reason to stop reading this crappy site. Your pictures suck, your website is like five years old and is slow as hell and now you think you are intelligent?

    This is a gossip page, dears. We don’t come here for stupid, ignorant “insights” about your political ideology.


  • Who cares about her television show. There are more serious things going on in the world. We need to focus on Obama’s dangerous healthcare plan. God help us!