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Kate Winslet’s Ass Has Disappeared Along With Her Marriage

Girlfriend’s milkshake (?) has all but dried up according to this picture.

I always admired Winslet for her gorgeous, curvy figure and now she’s looking like just another post-divorce, pasty, misery-laden actress with weight-loss cellulite hanging out underneath the area that used to be considered a rather generous bottom.

In retrospect, Winslet did look a little glum at this year’s Oscars — her recent split with Sam Mendes must be taking its toll on her.

Girl, you’re thirty-four years old or something and you have the potential to be super-banging au naturale, not to mention wickedly-talented. Get on up, get over it and keep the train moving. You know I love you, sweetheart, but you need to beef that little frame up, like, yesterday.

Check out post-emaciation Kate in the gallery below.

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  • “Girlfriend” can have as much cellulite as she wants, wherever she wants it. She has more talent in a millimeter of her ass than 75% of Hollywood! Nice job linking her cellulite with her marriage–obviously a woman cannot possibly a) have cellulite if she has a husband to please, or b) be happy with the ass she has. You can’t even see any cellulite in the picture! And as for her being a “pasty” divorcee…SHE IS ENGLISH. She has naturally pale skin. Props to Kate Winslet for staying naturally beautiful, and for not giving a shit about crap gossip writers (albeit on an excellent blog).

  • Must you really point on her cellulite? There’s barely any there, and she’s had a couple of kids. REALLY? Thanks for making people feel even worse about natural body flaws.

  • Sarah, you are an insufferable bitch! I’m sure there’s not a millimeter of ripple on your ass, right?

    Must be nice to hide behind a computer screen as opposed to actually having the guts to put it all out there for all to see.

    You are pathetic. I miss what this website used to be.

    • nope, “post” was what she meant as in, “for her gorgeous, curvy figure” mentioned earlier.

      the pictures are from kate awhile ago with some more meat on her bones.

      • post means AFTER. so if the pictures are from kate awhile ago with meat on her bones that would be BEFORE.

  • She’s a cold hearted snake ego-artist and her husband is shacking up with his young new movie project protege

  • I’ll take her cellulite any day! She looks beautiful, period, even more so for a mother of two. Combine that with wealth (I hope), beauty and talent and she’s one amazing specimen.

    She doesn’t deserve anything other than praise for how she’s managing her life (okay, so I have no idea how she treats her men, but there are no rumors about her being mean, so I assume that she’s no Kate Gosselin).

  • Bollocks, Sarah!! She looks fantastic for any age, she’s hot. Also, I love her pale skin, what’s wrong with us pale people? It’s just as beautiful as the “sunkissed” look Jen Aniston sports.

    • i’m sure sarah’s bottom is absolutely perfect, as is the rest of her body. and i’m sure she’s also and oscar-winning actress, too!

      just because you are so quick to constantly flaunt your wonderful marriage and make it seem so easy and natural, doesn’t mean you need to diss anyone else with a failed marriage, and chalk their body flaws up to it.

      and we’re not just talking about anyone here, kate winslet is an incredibly beautiful (no matter what changes her body goes through) and talented woman who loves herself and has confidence in herself, and also openly recognizes that she is not perfect.

      so sarah, it looks like she already beat you to it. and i doubt you are one to talk about her (wonderful, talented, honest, beautiful) position in the first place.

  • I think the entire point of the post was to state that she doesn’t look great after losing weight. Most people are quick to jump and say that people look bad after gaining weight, but Sarah was saying otherwise. So… maybe you haters can just chill out. Always looking for the next thing to piss and moan about.

    • K you are right on…. thats what i was going to say.
      Why are people on this site (Jules being an exception)so ready to attack people for a grammatical error or stating an opinion. Yes you crazy haters ARE giving an opinion but it’s a blind and misguided one. Like actually re-read the post and re-evaluate what she ways saying. NO Sara didn’t say she was perfect. NO she didn’t say Kate was fat. She said the weight lost has affected her figure negatively and she looked better with a bigger butt and less empty space. To me that is a pretty nice and positive statement regarding body image.
      ps. good job Grace-Jones for finding a mistake gold star…fail

      • I really don’t think that “now she’s looking like just another post-divorce, pasty, misery-laden actress” would be considered a pretty nice and positive statement in describing anyone.

      • I read it. It was hateful. She’s obviously a healthy weight, commenting that she looks bad, or worse in your opinion, and linking it to her unhappy situation is not in any way positive to her body image. ‘ew she looks terrible, where’s her hot ass? yuck weight loss’ = ‘ew she looks terrible, her ass is huge! yuck weight gain’. One is not better than the other.

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  • Wow. I never leave comments like this, but I’m really, really tempted to just tell you that you SUCK. I mean, are you kidding me?? I couldn’t even finish reading this post except to skim the last couple of paragraphs; it was too horrible. She is GORGEOUS, utterly stunning. She’s a fantastic actor and has charisma for days. And as if it weren’t bad enough to say the things you did at all, you decide that a really shitty time in her life is the best occasion for it. Maybe you’re somehow trying to say something supportive, but I’m having difficulty imagining a worse way to go about it. This isn’t funny and it isn’t news. Ugh. I’d love never to see a post like this on Evil Beet again.

  • Lovely. That’ll teach me to blindly open Litelysalted’s link roundups – it’s too bad, back when this site had one writer at least it never posted anything so offensive and mean-spirited. Thanks for reminding me why I stopped reading a year ago.

  • Yeah Sarah you’re pretty freakin’ lame if slagging a very decent looking woman like Kate is the best you’ve got.

    And Beet is gonna have your ass in the woodshed for letting those fucking spammers clutter the place up. What do your paying advertisers have to say about that??

  • Geez…One day y’all are bashing people for being too fat-the next day, it’s because people are too skinny! No wonder society is fcked…

  • Sarah, looks like you lose with this posting of Kate Winslet! The days of the uber-hateful celeb blogging are pretty much gone with the wind.

    Better show your own “perfect” ass next time you attempt a post like this. What’s next: a critique of Meryl Streep’s nose. Good luck trying to get your job back at McDonalds. Hold the fries.

  • Kate Winslet is the most beautiful woman in hollywood.She is absolutely stunning. Never before have I seen such beauty and I’ve read that she is such a sweetheart in person as well. I would love to meet her and have her fall in love with me!! I’m sure she could use a very handsome 45 year old carpenter around the house!!

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  • Fuck you! Kate is beautiful. You obviously don’t know beauty when you see it. So stop bloging and get some fucking glasses. Mmk??

  • Didn’t this woman dump her first husband simply because she became physically attracted to Sam Mendes on set ? Forget the fawning adoration for a few moments, but doesn’t that make her some kind of cunt ? I will say, she looks ok on the outside though, even after having lost some weight. Nobody can keep the body flawless forever, so why find fault with what’s on the surface ?

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