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New Episode of ‘Glee’ Directed by Joss Whedon, Starring Neil Patrick Harris

Glee doesn’t return with new episodes until April 13th, but they’ve already given me something to look forward to.

One of the season’s new episodes will be directed by evil genius Joss Whedon and will guest star Neil Patrick Harris as a washed up former show choir member and “never-was” named Bryan Adam.  Bryan is a former ladies man who always got all the chicks when he was in the choir with  Will, whom he now considers his arch nemesis . “Show choir ruined his life, made him feel he could be a star, but all he could do is book Carnival cruises.”

In case you’re unaware of what Whedon and NPH can do when they’re brought together musically, watch the video. It’s a little thing called Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog.

The episode chock full of Whedon-Patrick -Harris goodness  is slated to air sometime during May sweeps.

Consider me swept.

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  • Whedon is, admittedly, awesome, but his cult following borders on creepy sometimes. NPH, however, is always shiny. ♥

  • Oh yay! I love Whedon’s sense of humor. And NPH is always great too. Whenever they work together it’s magic. And I <3 Glee too. Now if there was some way they could work Nathan Fillion in, there's no way you could keep me away.

  • NO WAY !!
    This is gonna aAAaAaAAaaaawsoOOOOooOoOome !
    SO looking forward to it !
    Joss is definitely my favourite artist is Hollywood. LOVE him.
    NHP is one of the best actors these days. He can do everything ! He can dance, sing, turns every word into genius..
    I don’t usually watch Glee.. But HEY ! If those two are part of it, I WILL!

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