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Kevin and Nick Jonas Found a Body on The Beach

…while filming a scene for their television in Malibu! Uh! Got you guys! LOL! You really thought they found a dead body on the beach and I waited until roughly 2:30 in the afternoon to post about it? Please, homegirl has SOME journalistic integrity. I know that the JoBros fumbling around with a dead body on the beach would be a way bigger story than the Vicki Gunvalson adulterous make-out story. Jeez! Anyway! Check out these photos. Kevin looks like a dork.

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  • Wow. Just . . . wow. I was avoiding the Molls bashing that has been really cranking up lately but you’ve truly lost me with this post. The tone of it – it’s like you’re an 8 year old girl.
    The picture is kind of funny but it really doesn’t need your commentary. Why not find a hilariously appropriate quote by one of the brothers?

    Sorry to say but it feels amateur. I cringe writing that because this site was my favorite part of the day. It’s all pretty much become a big bag of poo over the last few months and I’m resorting to other gossip sites now.

    The stories are slower than most sites and are not written with the same conviction and wit that Beet possesses. I could honestly deal with the pop-up ads on the pages if there was material worth coming back to throughout the day.

    I think there has been a really bad business decision along the way. I’m not sure how things are run around Evil Beet but when I first discovered the website it was funny, shocking and actually newsworthy. There were things posted on here BEFORE they appeared on TMZ. And the posts were written with an acutely unique voice – Beet’s. And now that she’s gone, I really miss Wendy, too.

    I’m just generally kind of bummed out about the whole shitty issue that has become your website.


      • The pathetic pot calling the not-pathetic kettle black. Get a grip douche. You sit at the computer all fucking day and spew your summer’s eve, fish scent all over the posts and then you bash someone else for supposedly not having a life because they bother to post once in a while to voice their opinion? You have some serious entilement issues.

    • Hey REGULARS. Could we possibly agree that we NOT reply to anything evilbeetdouche writes, as he’s obviously posting just to get responses. Remember, a good night for him is getting someone riled on this site, basically just one step down from wearing his mothers underwear on his head while he watches Sex In The City reruns. He’ll hate being ignored, I assure you.

      • Good idea. Although it’s hard to let a raging douchenozzle go around spewing his shit without wanting to give him a well-deserved beat-down.

      • I wanted to bitchslap the hell out of ebd at first, but now he’s kinda like the simon of eb. His comments are funny sometimes just cuz they’re so random… and when you don’t like what he writes? just ignore… But I must admit, I would miss him if he was gone…

    • thanks for saying what so many of us have been saying. sadly though it seems to not matter to sasha that her biggest fans are complaining daily about the changes in the quality of writing and content (and those damn ads).
      i think quality was thrown out and replaced with what is profitable, i think this site is going to be changing it’s audience from those of us that enjoyed witty enjoyable posts that did not insult our intelligence to those who have nothing to insult and love perez hilton and other lame gossip blogs.

      also sometimes i think EBD works for sasha.

    • well said. the rate of new stories is really low. the rate of new stories written well – even lower.

    • agreed. regular for 2 years. slowly moving away. molls has been funny. sometimes here, way more so on other websites. this is the only forum in which i’ve seen this many typos and sentences that wouldnt make sense even if everything was spelled right.
      but the sad thing is
      is that EB is so stubborn that you could scream it from the rooftops outside her window and she’d still ignore it. so really it dosent matter to her. no point. her readership will peak due to word of mouth and ads and links, but then it’ll plummet. or it’ll get huge. either way molls wont write here for too long.

      • “but the sad thing is
        is that EB is so stubborn that you could scream it from the rooftops outside her window and she’d still ignore it.”

        I completely agree. If she really cared about her site, she would listen to her readers and not be so goddamned arrogant and stubborn.

      • “arrogant and stubborn” seems a bit harsh. maybe its something innocent like molls is blackmailing her for employment. EB is a good writer, wendy was a pretty good writer – i find it hard to believe EB would have a writer like molls on board unless there was something else there. oooh, maybe its guilt. maybe moll’s mother’s cousin gave EB’s sister’s boyfriend’s uncle a kidney or something….

    • Sorry, I just checked with Stephen Hawking and all the laws of physics agree, it is impossible to be lower than Hog Fat Hilton.

  • Molls is just another lame hipster that can’t tell cool from shit. There’s plenty of them out there, so I suggest Beet start interviewing.

  • yeah another shitty Molls post…now we have to deal with crappy posts as well as popups and instant commercials? See you all at TMZ!!

    • DListed is fucking amazing. MK (the writer) is hilarious and always has the good stories, not to mention he’s a great writer too. See you there!

  • Isn’t it strange that they were filming a scene for their television? Was this a special request by their television?
    I feel a bad that I’m perhaps behind the times, because giving my television electricity and dusting it off are the only major things I’ve ever done for my television.