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The Gosselin Kids Have Some Remaining Enjoyment

The Gosselin kids were snapped playing in the snow today and it seems like they had a good time considering it was dad’s weekend. While the kids frolicked in the snow and pretended for a short while that there wasn’t a man with a camera standing on the other side of their lawn snapping their every move, Jon Gosselin looked after them and rode around on some sort of all-terrain vehicle. It’s good to see that they don’t cry all day.

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  • Please show one photo of Kate with the kids in the snow, pick a photo from the last five years. can’t do it because it doesn’t exist.

    At least try and be fair.

    • Kate hates the snow. Does that make her a bad parent? She’s outside with the kids on sunny days and has indoor crafts going on when it’s not.
      Personally, I hate the sun, but I take my son out to stomp in puddles when it rains.

  • Jon has always been more hands on with the kids than Kate. Kate only shows up for publicity. She is a witch!!!!!

  • On the one hand, they have people with cameras following around. On the other hand, how do you think Kate (and Jon, I suppose) paid for nice snow suits for all the children?

  • Their house sits on 20+ acres. The kids wouldn’t even know the cameras were there if their parents had the sense to have them play in the backyard. Unfortunately, both of their parents are famewhores who would never give up the opportunity to be on camera.