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Welcome Back, CoCo!

If any of you out there are experiencing massive Conan O’Brien withdrawals, I’ve got a temporary solution for you: Conan’s finally on Twitter. So far all he’s got up is this one Tweet as well as a chuckle-worthy bio that reads, “I had a show. Then I had a different show. Now I have a Twitter account.” Too true, Conan. Too true.

Conan’s been signed up to use Twitter for less than a full day, but he already has close to 300,000 followers. Pretty impressive. The guy who got him fired from his job, Jay Leno, has been on Twitter for months, has made a little over 500 Tweets and has an embarrassingly low 30,000 followers. Damn. That’s like, 10% of Conan’s followers.

It’s a real shame that your number of Internet fans doesn’t factor in to your television ratings, huh?

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