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Damn, Dakota! Don’t Hurt ‘Em!

Uhhh, so this is awkward, but how hot does Dakota Fanning look in Vogue? I know, I know, she’s like 17 and we pant like dogs at chicks this age or younger regularly, but Dakota! We’ve known her since she was a child! It’s bizarre to see her all grown up, free of any kid-to-adult actor awkwardness that we usually see form stars and more talented than ever. Maybe she’ll get a little wild once she’s out of high school, but I think that Dakota’s almost in the clear in terms of becoming another young Hollywood train wreck.

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    • she still needs to grow into those feet! they are disproportionaly huge for her body but i think most skiny 15 yearolds have the same problem.

    • Yes, she is very beautiful. And, she is an incredible actress.

      I’m with EBD. Those eyebrows are way too much. She has such natural beauty, no need for the war paint eyebrows.

      • It IS Vogue, so it is most likely the creative director’s decision to add the bold brows. You always hear all these fashion blogs and magazines raving about how the thick brows are in style now anyways.

      • Your baby is adorable. I just want to squeeze his little cheeks and eat him up! And, I didn’t mean that in a weird way– I’m always nibbling on my little nieces and nephews. I love fat babies.

  • They made sexy photos of Dakota, but you aren’t allowed to say it’s sexy, because she’s underage. Insane!

  • I’m in love with the sunglasses! Actually, i really can wear this kind of sunglasses !

    And I suppose that eyebrows have been added to make her looks older. Maybe to makes her look more adult, to be sure that pitures won’t be qualified as …well….insane for a 16 years old girl.

  • Uhhh, I prefer her natural brows, she doesn’t even looks like the same person. She’s like a blonde Megan Fox, not that this is a problem, but I prefer the other way…

  • ugh, why did they have to make her look so cold, serious and old?

    she is still a teenager and they are forcing the whole thing, especially with those brows.

  • I love the brows! Very high-fashion. I like Dakota. She has a good head on her shoulders and is extremely talented. Team Dakota!

  • Does anyone else feel that these have just a hint of La Lohan? Something about the last three pictures; maybe the face she’s giving? Still, even if they slightly resemble the trainwreck we all know and love as Lohan, these are gorgeous pictures.

  • Shes actually 15 turning 16 this month, i dont know why they want her to look older? she could pull off a really cute look too