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Brittany Murphy’s Last Movie is Going Straight to DVD

A release date was announced today for Abandoned, a psychological horror thriller that was the last film actress Brittany Murphy worked on before she died. The movie is set to come out this summer and also stars Mimi Rogers and Dean Cain, whom I love very much. The producers of the film made the following statement about their late star on Friday, “Brittany will be deeply missed by everyone who worked on Abandoned. The film is a taut thriller which portrays Brittany’s character as smart and tough — and that’s how we all want to remember her.”

Sadly, this movie is going to blow and that’s just being realistic. A straight to DVD psychological horror thriller? Yeesh! I will choose to continue to remember Brittany as Tai from Clueless, but do whatever you want!

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  • Loved her in Clueless, Uptown Girls and Little Black Book. And also on Sister, Sister haha. That’s how I remember her and want to remember her by.

    • Brittany Murphy seemed compelling as both an actor and person. I’d like to remember her well. In addition to the movies you mentioned, she was also really good in Girl, Interrupted and 8 Mile, though I have to resist the urge to overly associate her with the unstable characters that she played in these movies — particularly given all of the “drama” about her life that played out in the media surrounding her final years/days.
      Irrelevant Fact: Mimi Rogers=Mrs. Tom Cruise #1