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Jamie Lynn Spears Can Keep a Child Alive

There was a lot of speculation about Jamie Lynn Spears’ ability to parent when the news first broke that she was pregnant. Not only was she a young teen, but she was Britney Spears’ sister. Neither of those things exactly scream “parent potential”. However, I am pleased to report after seeing these photos that Jamie Lynn has managed to keep her daughter Maddie alive. And they both look good! It seems like Jamie Lynn has adjusted well to life as a semi-normal Southern girl.

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  • Riiiiight. A great teenage mom. I’m a mom folks.. Like a lot of your readers… & NO BODY GUARD has ever carried my babies around for me.


    Just a thought.

    • I think it is Jamie Lynn’s dad carrying his granddaughter. My whole family was always toting my daughter around when she was a baby and toddler.

      When Jamie Lynn became pregnant, I immediately banned my daughter (she was 7 or 8 at the time) from watching Zoey 101. She was not someone I wanted my daughter to admire and emulate. I probably overreacted. Jamie Lynn seems to have done a good job of raising her daughter out of the public eye. Shit happens and sometimes 16 year olds get pregnant.

  • As a Southern girl, I’d like to say that being pregnant at 16 or 17 is not a “normal Southern girl” thing, but thanks for the awesome stereotyping.

  • There’s alot of stereotyping on this page. Why wouldn’t Jamie Lynn be able to “keep her child alive”? How many babies and toddlers has the family failed to keep alive? Go back as many generations as you need, I want to know how many it is.

    Jamie Lynn has been living quietly out of the spotlight, raising her daughter in a small-town atmosphere. She’s not exploiting her with a reality show (I’m sure she had offers), and Jamie Lynn’s not out partying night and day.

    I guess when you can’t find anything more negative to jab at, just go with “keeps her child alive”. Classy.