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The Insider Is Still Doing This Lindsay Lohan Celebrity Hoarder Thing

This really happened. Lindsay Lohan let Niecy Nash and a crew from The Insider come into her trainwreck of a house — with a camera crew — and organize it. This is part four of Lord only knows how many parts, because we are going to drag this thing on forever. I think it’s hilarious that Lindsay wouldn’t let the camera crews into her bedroom until it was organized. I wonder how many drawers of coke mirrors we’re not getting to see here.

Really, Lindsay? This is what someone like Kim Kardashian does to get attention. This should not be what you do to get attention. You drink and make terrible movies to get attention. Let’s get back to that, because life is boring without you loose on the streets.

Parts 3, 2 and 1 of this absolute insanity are after the jump.

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