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Why, Yes, Flo from “Bad Girls Club” Did a Music Video

It’s not even a terrible rap song, but you’d think after spending, like, three months having her entire bisexual, death-threatening, watching-Natalie-fuck-an-NFL-player life filmed, she’d look a little less like a giant pussy on camera. And it’s weird how she’s trying to pantomime all the words, like the dance to “Like a Virgin” my friends and I choreographed in sixth grade. Or, you know, this.

Still, I love you, Flo. Just not as much as I love Natalie. Who’s the real psychopath in the house. (Well, either psychopath or raging coke addict. I can’t always say. I leave the BGC recapping to the capable hands of Saranden and Sierra, even though some weeks I really, really, really wish I could do it.)

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  • You did it. You planted a seed in my brain and it happened. I started watching this damn show. And I have a girl crush on Natalie. You tempted me with your teasing little essays on these mega-sluts. Then it was me, a snow storm and a 1/2 gallon of cookies & cream ice cream…with nothing to do. And there was a little show on Oxygen. Damn you, Beet! You own me!

    And the Real Housebitches of NYC is going to start soon. All is lost. Calgon…take me away!!!

  • great, now you won’t be posting at all.

    we miss you beet! are you just done and bored with this site?
    we deserve to know if your love has grown cold.

    if so can you find someone willing to woe us with good gossip on here…so as to ease our pain and heartbreak over your departure.