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Sam and Linds Have Gone From Crazy to Crazy Abusive

We thought it was done between Lindsay and Samantha, but that’s why we’re a bunch of idiots. Of course these two can keep their hands off of each other… except this time it’s less “heavy petting” and more “heavy beating”, if you know what I mean. If you don’t know what I mean, let me spell it out for you: These two broads have turned on each other and their relationship, according to sources, has gotten violent. From Radar:

“One time I saw her [Lindsay] and she had a large welt on her head,” the source told “She told me that Sam beat the (bleep) out of her.

“She also said that Sam even punched and choked her one time.”

Yikes! And to add insult to injury (pun very much intended) these two crazy cats are living in the same building. If Lindsay’s bank account is in as much trouble as it’s rumored to be, Sam better be the one to make the move because I don’t think Lindsay even has the choice to go anywhere else. The source also told Radar:

“It’s so twisted. They’re not together, but they are,” said the source. “I never thought I’d ever say this, but I really do feel sorry for Lindsay. She is just lost. She’s alone. She has no friends to turn to.”

This is a seriously unhealthy situation for both parties. Last time I was in a relationship this tumultuous and immature, I know it would have gone on forever if it wasn’t time for me to go to college.

They’re too old for their families to control their lives and make them move on (although Samantha’s family has tried), but they’re probably so young that they can still handle this much drama and bullshit. What’s going to be the last straw for these two?

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  • Don’t get me wrong – domestic violence is always wrong. But given her history, the cynical side of me wonders if Lindsay is having “sources” release this to the press for attention/publicity.

  • Sam gave an interview that X17 hosted which explained the incident the other night, which turns out was reported as something completely different on most blogs. I think you have to look at who has the agenda in this mess of a relationship, and it’s not the person who works constantly and has a supportive, normal family. There may be an issue because both of them are in a tight clique, most of whom hate Lindsay – but she’s always where Sam is like a stalker and you can tell by this latest incident Lindsay went where Sam was with friends and Sam ignored her which caused the problems with Lindsay who got violent. Do I think Lindsay is out of control and hits her, breaks windows in Sam’s home, breaks her things? Yes because it’s been seen by the paps and reported, does or has Sam defended herself I would say yes she has. Sam isn’t following Lindsay around, or antagonizing her in public. I think Lindsay has turned into the human equivalent of dog poo on the bottom of Sam’s shoe, she can’t get rid of her. Sam’s living is to work in clubs and besides shopping that’s all Lindsay does is to go clubbing, it must be a real nightmare, but the interview was very illuminating.

    This is a very one sided situation and one person is unstable and out of control and the is trying to be classy and not publicly insult or degrade the other one. I think there is a lot of pity on Sam’s part for Lindsay but not much else at this point.

  • Clearly an intense dynamic but I think you have to look at who’s publishing this story. Radaronline is not the NYT, it makes up ridiculous stories all the time and gets things wrong when it rips off other people’s stories. why do you think this is actually true. It’s a serious allegation to be throwing around without supporting evidence.

  • Calling Ronson young, is a stretch. She is a 32 year old woman. One has to wonder what sort of deep-seated problems she has since she can’t act or look her age.
    Age in this case is the issue. Ronson went after Lindsay when she was still an underage teenager. Lindsay went from bad parents to a controlling girlfriend. No wonder she is screwed up.
    Now there are rumors about Sam and underage Emily McEnroe. That is a pattern. Grow up Sammy and get more therapy.

    • I so did not believe LL was only 23 years old and certainly did not believe SR was 32! Holy Sh!t there is something wrong with the both of them. I mean their behavior is really young, childish and stupid but man, one is way too old for this and the other is bat shit crazy!

    • I’ve looked at that photo for several minutes and can’t see any unzipped shoes on her face. Maybe I’m just over looking something.

  • considering who has been caught on camera having public temper tantrums… considering the smashed window at samantha’s house after a certain someone was caught being drunk and considering how even dina is on tape saying she’d been hit in the face by her own child… and without knowing she was being recorded.. i call BS on this story.

    that tiny spot on lindsay’s lip looks more like a collagen injection site to me.. the injection sites do bruise a bit sometimes.

  • Oh come on everyone knows Lindsay deserves to get the crap beat out of her. I hate this self entitled biatch.

  • everything about lindz these days makes me really sad. i watched parent trap on saturday and she’s so adorable and normal – it sucks that she had to happen like this, and it’s hard to believe it’s the same person. remember when she used to have all those cute freckles?!

  • Lohan is the pillar of honesty, trust and reliability. Therefore I think she was taken in by demonic Sam and abused. Bad Ronson!

    No joke though, I reckon that linds got tired of Sam ignoring her cracked out drama so tried to drum up a little via a ‘friend’ blabbing to the media about something that may or may not have happened. Maybe Sam caught her trying to steal her shit, who knows?

  • LL is still going for the 2 year old with her finger in her mouth for the camera. She is a total bore.

  • As great as this story would be if it were true, it’s not. Both Sam and Lindsay have said that nothing about these domestic violence stories are true. They’ve both called them ridiculous.