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Debunker: Eminem’s Ex-Wife, Drew’s Engagement, and Snooki’s Nudes

There are so many rumors that need debunking this weekend, I’m just going to put them all in one post.

Eminem and ex wife Kim Mathers are not getting back together, and most definitely are not planning to have another child together, as was claimed by a rumor that made the rounds earlier in the week. Domestic violence charities rejoice.

Drew Barrymore and longtime boyfriend Justin Long are not getting engaged in spite of a Facebook update that suggested otherwise. According to Drew’s rep, the Facebook account that reported the engagement is actually a fake. As is the one with that picture of me sucking spilled beer off the floor of the Campus Pub. Yeah.

Finally, Jersey Shore Cast member Snooki took to her Twitter account to deny rumors that there are nude photos and videos of her being shopped around. So if you want to see an Oompa Loompa naked, you’re just going to have to go back to 4chan.

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  • I am very sad because he needs a wife and if all the pressure on him when he is singing might make him not be able to sing any more and since i have been throught the same exact problem and now that I have a husband I relize that my life has changed.

  • I think that his Ex-wife is just a and that she needs to get a life she needs to stop and think about what she is doing! I will really be praying for Eminem and his Ex they really need to get things worked out and go to chirch and at least be rrespectful to each other.

  • I was just going to let you all that read this that the comment that I put before that said that I had been through the same thing well you see I was taken away from my real mother and placed into a home that well was not really all that good because well the home that I was placed in well Mexiacns lived in and well I whent there and on about the second day the husband felt confortable enought to go on head and like whatch me take a shower and touch me and stuff but now he is in jail and I am adopted but still really sad that I cant see my mom ever again but they did say that I could see her when I was 21 years old but I am only 11 years old and very sad but then I am thankful that I am in a house full of people that love and care for me and that acually give me a little bit of persinal time by my self and I am really going to pray for Eminem because first of all I really like him and his music but I am a christian and my parents that I am living with now dont really like me listening to it because they think that it is not good for me to listen to but I like it so I listen to it well got to go.