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Brittany Murphy’s Cause of Death Announced

…and it is and isn’t what you’d think. Brittany Murphy died of pneumonia, iron deficiency and prescription drug intoxication. Her death has officially been ruled accidental. Here’s more info from TheWrap:

Toxoicology reports detailing the exact nature of the drugs found in Murphy’s system have still not been released, but results from an autopsy were announced on Thursday.

Craig R. Harvey, the coroner’s department chief investigator, told TheWrap that “a list of all the specific drugs” found in Murphy’s system “will be released when the full report is issued in two weeks.” Nor would Harvey elaborate on the nature of the “drug intake” that is listed as how Murphy’s “injury” occured.

These results put the meth/cocaine rumors that Brittany battled for the last several years to rest, but continues to support the notion that there are no drugs more dangerous than the kinds the doctors are giving out these days. Between Heath Ledger, DJ AM and now Brittany, we’ve seen many celebrities leave us due, at least in part, to their use of prescription drugs. These deaths have to serve as a warning to not just all of us, but specifically celebrities who have no problem getting a doctor to write them up a prescription for anything they want. I’m talking to you, Lohan.

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  • Except for the iron deficiency, that’s exactly what I thought it would be. She was sick and she was taking lots of prescription meds.

  • I read on dlisted that the drugs may have been over-the-counter. I guess she was trying to self-medicate her pneumonia and didn’t get to the hospital on time. Regardless, it’s just so sad.

  • “This was a case of a person with pneumonia who was anemic (having a low blood count) who was taking medication when she should’ve been getting medical treatment.”
    “Winter confirms that no illegal drugs were found in the actress’s system: “It was only prescription and over-the-counter meds,” he said.” from a People Magazine article at,,20341773,00.html

    Was it Molls or Evilbeet that went on and on about how they just knew it was drugs and went on the whole drug tirade? Well, I’d say you were way off on this one. Yes, ‘legal’ drugs played a part along with the illness but not in the way you went on and on as if you just knew she had a drug problem.

    She died and you couldn’t wait for the cause of death report to come out before getting on your ‘gossip high horse’. It is sad that she died and it was preventable. You were so quick to condemn Britanny when she wasn’t around to defend herself.

    Now, can we all just let this poor woman rest in peace??????????

    • If you remember correctly, a large group of us defended Brittany in the comments thread and repeatedly told people not to judge until the autopsy results were announced. So no, you’re not the only one who believed Brittany was “innocent.” You’re one of a lot.

  • I thought for sure it would be complications due to bulimia. That crap that she has a high metabolism is horseshit. Remember her Clueless days?

  • I guess MS. BEET can totally eat her effing words now since she was sooooooooooooooooooo sure she died from a coke overdose! SHe might ‘wanna think’ before she accuses- next time. Her “opinion” is one thing, and Beet gave such a speech about this. It made me ill at the time I read it. It was so arrogant and she was so sure of the cause of death. Shame on beet!

    • I don’t know Beet, but she seems to be very passionate about drug and alcohol abuse recovery. Her heart was in the right place.

      I’m not sure if Beet has struggled with addiction in the past, but clearly she wants to get a positive message across for people who may be in the grips of addiction.

  • I don’t think you’re delivering a positive message when it’s at the expense of a person that can’t speak for themselves any longer. Especially when you aren’t correct.

  • Why even read this site if all you are going to do is bitch about the writers…why not go read something you actually enjoy instead and save us all from having to read your complaints

    • The ‘writers’ allow for comments. If someone thinks the writing is worth bitching about then by having a comments section, the writers invite it.

      You are ‘bitching’ about others bitching.

      In the case of Brittany, the posts after she died weren’t ‘gossip’ it was ‘personal’. If this is supposed to be a ‘gossip’ page, then post gossip. Your personal opinion and stand against eating disorders and drug use IS NOT GOSSIP.

      I miss how this page used to be and I kept reading thinking that Evil Beet would return to it’s original format but I’m starting to think that this web page has turned into another

      • Thank you. This page sucks now, and people can’t leave comments responding to entries without being bitched out. I used to read it to substitute for bad gossip sites, bit this is just one of them now.

  • DYING of iron deficiency? That smells funny to me… How the hell can someone die of iron deficiency without having very messed up eating habits? Is there a condition that prevents iron absorption?

    • Anemia is extremely common and is usually passed from mother to daughter. My mom, my sister, and I all have anemia. It’s no biggie and we make sure to eat iron rich foods. Even though I consume more iron than most people, I still can’t give blood because every time I try they test my iron levels and I am still too low to safely give blood (not dangerously low, but right below the “normal” levels). It happens. She was sick with pneumonia; she probably had no appetite and wasn’t eating iron rich foods.

    • I have an iron deficiency and I don’t have an eating disorder. I have cancer and the treatment has screwed up my body. My friend has an iron deficiency because she did gastric bypass and now her food absorption is screwed up. So, there are just two examples but I’m sure there are others. Brittany did not die from just one thing, it was a combination of things that turned out to be deadly. People die of pneumonia all the time. Do you remember the creator of the Muppets, Jim Henson? He didn’t get treated in time and died.

      When someone runs a red light and gets killed and the cause is ‘texting while driving’ do you say ‘that smells funny’? Why would you question a medical examiner report? They have nothing to gain by falsifying the report. Bottom line, the lady is dead.

      • I wasn’t implying that someone had falsified the reports. I personally have not heard of someone in North America dying of iron deficiency. Having low iron? Sure. But DYING of it? That’s a new one — considering that she didn’t have any longstanding medical problems (from what was claimed in the media, anyway). To me, that points to either a condition that affects iron absorption that I have never heard of, or a lifestyle that involves an unhealthy relationship with food.

      • she didn’t die of an iron deficiency. read the people magazine article, anemia was a contributing factor but not the cause of death.

  • Better watch it! Make a comment she doesn’t like and she highjacks your browser. OOOH, must take a genius IQ to do that. Good thing I reported it to the authorities.

  • With so many bugs going around now, what Brittaney’s death really tells us is that if you don’t get over something in 3 days, and treat your self with over the counter medications, you may end up masking symptoms and it could end up killing you. We used to be able to tell if we had a flu bug or a chest cold or sinusitis, now it could be anything and you can go into any store and buy medicine based on how you think you feel. The world is changing and strains of viruses are not as benign as they once were.

    It’s just so senseless that a 32 year old women is dead, when blood test and sputum would have saved her life. It’s very sad to me.

  • Beet, I like you and your writing, but I think you owe Brittany, her family and your readers an apology for what you wrote about her shortly after she passed away. I’m quite sure you would have had something to say if the results of her autopsy had shown otherwise.

    Either way, I just wanted to say that from all the recent celebrity deaths, B.M.’s touched me the most. I really liked her as an actress, and was very shocked to see her go. RIP B! We miss you.