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Filipino Prisoners Break It Down Harder Than Ever

If you’re a resident of Earth, you’ve seen the video of prisoners dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller before. The video was such a huge hit (over 38 million views!), that Michael Jackson’s choreographer for the This Is It tour went to the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center where the first video was filmed and taught them a dance to “They Don’t Care About Us”. It’s amazing. Honestly, it’s a spectacle and you’ll be doing yourself a disservice not to watch it at least once.

It’s obvious that learning and performing these dances is a great way to keep the prisoners both disciplined and occupied (I can imagine that it’s somewhat of a reward for inmates to be able to channel their energy in to something positive like this), but let’s not forget: Homeboys are all in jail. This isn’t a step team or a dance squad and those orange pants aren’t incidental. Enjoy the video, but remember: Those are some bad, bad dudes getting their dance on.

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  • um…the only ones worth watching are the front three dudes (who are clearly dancers), all the prisoners SUCK!!!!

  • Oh the irony of “the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation”. These men had ultimate freedom, and for whatever reason threw it away.
    Good stuff though. Thanks for posting.

  • Yeah after the original Thriller dance it was exposed they were made to dance for hours on end, feet bleeding, collapsing from exhaustion, beaten if screw it. Not so entertaining.

  • MK this has been around for weeks. It’s either a slow news day or you are losing your ability to capture NEW news.

  • I heard they are forced to particiapte in all these dances. There is a difference between dancing for enjoyment and physical torture of prisoners.

    I don’t care what they did to get in prison (and have you SEEN the Phillipino laws? – you could get arrested for anything) – torture is not entertaining to me.

    • That is so true. I’ve just realized I’ve been physically tortured having to listen to Michael Jackson sing these stupid fucking songs all these years. I’m so glad he’s dead and there won’t be any future sightings of him.

    • Oh waaaaahhhh! So what if they’re being forced? If they hadn’t done anything wrong in the first place, they wouldn’t be there. It’s not like they’re getting their tongues pulled or their scrotums pierced. The worst case scenario is that they’re getting some fresh air and exercise. If they don’t like it, then they shouldn’t break the law.

  • it is spelled FILIPINO, not PHILLIPINO

    not everyone is required to join the dance, as this is a _part_ of their rehabilitation program.

    ok, so you refuse to enjoy this because the dancers are people who have committed a crime. please think about that the next time you cheer for your gun-carrying rappers and celebrities.

    have informed opinions please.

    to Molls, thank you for posting this.