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“I’m briefly saddened by negative comments, but I have to remember those people are scared, incapable or just plain idiots. We are the f—ing rock stars baby. No cocaine, just life my n—as!! No cocaine, just life! It’s funny to me when fashion bloggers down our outfits and then super jock outlandish sh– on the runway but they dress mad prude and don’t live fashion.”

– Kanye West’s response to PETA, who recently dissed him for wearing fur.

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  • He is such a simpleminded, narcissistic nincompoop. I just want him to fall off the edge of the earth. Now.

  • That didn’t even have anything to do with wearing fur. I think if these people are going to wear fur they should just fess up to it and admit that they don’t give a shit instead of blaming other peoples criticisms on them being “scared and incapable.”

  • Don’t like him, but those two are just so damn sexy. Rather see a sex tape of them than Edwards and his lady!

  • what?
    i honestly didn’t understand what he said and what it had to do with PETA.

    incapable of what?
    and cocaine? i thought we were talking about wearing fur?


  • He is a complete moron. Just because you are well known enough to get a seat at fashion shows and maybe “design” a sneaker line or two does not mean you “live fashion”. And wtf does that cocaine bs have to do with PETA? What the heck was he even saying?

  • I don’t think I’ve ever used the word “Fierce” before but holy shit Amber is fierce here! What a totally confident babe!

  • Don’t forget, his favorite fur accessory is when some hairy dick drops his balls into Kanyes mouth.

  • I gave up on this… THING a long time ago! Every time I read or hear sth he said I just end up going HUH?!? at the end and then regret ever even bothering to understand what his simple mind was going through when he said it. I’m kind of shocked that cocaine has nothing to do with it… wow… I feel kind of bad now, cuz if it’s not drugs it must be a mental deficiency….

  • Can someone please explain what’s with the “fish” references and Kanye?? I missed it and would like some closure. :)