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What’s Going On With These Two?

Lily Allen may be mad about her man Sam Cooper, but she also seems to have a lot of fun with her friend Matt Bellamy, the frontman of Muse. The two of them took in a game at the Australian Open yesterday and seemed to be having a blast as they placed bets and laughed together. Is this just a great friendship or do you think that perhaps they’re crushing on each other? Matt did just break-up with his longtime girlfriend in December…

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  • I totally agree, Cor a Looker! I love them both so very much… I think they would make an interesting couple

  • They’re both playing the Big Day Out! But they do look adorable together. I wonder why they’re holding hundreds of dollars in their hands…

    • I saw Muse live back in ’07 at ACL and it was one of the best live shows I’ve seen in my entire life. I wasn’t aware that Matt and his gf broke up. I, too, would like a link to the article.

      • So someone posted a YouTube interview of them below (just scroll down) and if you fast forward to about 6 minutes, Matt talks about it. Something about pictures with girls and fighting. Yeah, so they are broken up…por Gaia. Almost 8 years in that relationship…

        At least he’s not as bad as Dom….now that boy, wonderful smile and all is a “lady’s man”

  • WHAT!?!! Matt broke up with his girlfriend!??!! Why did I not hear about this???

    Seriously though, Matt’s hot. Love him, his voice, the way he plays the guitar….too bad about Gaia.

    Oh well, gotta go book a flight to the Big Day Out Festival…

  • What’s going on with these two? Him: “I’ll pay your 50 Euros to show your tits.” Her: “I’ll pay you 100 to brush your teeth.”

  • WHAT? Matt broke up with Gaia? Noooo! At least he’s not hanging out with fake chicks in hot tubs like Dom… I love you Matt, please stay wacky and don’t go all rock-star-ish :(

  • Totally agree with Corrigo !
    I don’t like Lily Allen, she’s not sane for him, he was wayyyyyyyy better off with Gaia, away from this damn business influence..
    I never thought I’d ever see Matt on gossip blogs. Ever.
    So disappointed :'(
    I wish he’d just go back in the peaceful darkness of anonymity.

    • well honestly, it’s not really his choice… if Muse want to be big here (and I really hope they are, they’re amazing) they’re going to end up in gossip blogs. That’s just kind of how fame works here.

      Also, this is definitely just a rumor, the whole band was there… check out the rest of the pics, Kirk’s in one… lol

  • Wise advice; Stay far far away from Brit women and their clucky scheming minds when they in the broodin’ mood