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Jay Leno is a Cowardly Old Man

Tomorrow’s Oprah is going to be some serious must-see TV. Jay Leno taped an interview with her yesterday talking mainly, I would assume, about his recent battle with Conan O’Brien for the seat at The Tonight Show. A snippet has been released online, and it does not make Jay sound good. I’ll touch more on that in a second, but read this first:

Oprah: “Have you talked to Conan in person?”

Jay: “I haven’t talked to him through all this. No. I haven’t.”

Oprah: “Did you want to pick up the phone?”

Jay: “Yeah, but it didn’t seem appropriate.”

Oprah: “Why?”

Jay: “I don’t know. I think it — let things cool down and maybe we’ll talk, you know?”

Oprah: “Were any of the things that he said about you hurtful?”

Jay: “No. They were jokes. And that’s okay. I mean — ”

Oprah: “So jokes don’t hurt you.”

Jay: “It’s what we do, you know? You can’t — it’s like being a fighter and say when you got punched in the head, did it hurt? Well, yeah. But you’re a fighter. That’s what you do.”

To me that reads like Jay’s a total puss. To see the level of integrity that we saw from Conan over the last few weeks versus this guy saying that he can’t even pick up the phone and say “Sorry, man. I know this sucks, but I’m kind of doing what I have to do,” is pathetic. It’s not public opinion that the two of them are friends, but that seems to be the most obvious gesture one human who’s fucking over another human could make. Furthermore, his attitude implies that he knows he was wrong in taking back his job after ceremoniously handing it down to the next person in line. In a way, the only thing respectable about Jay Leno right now is that he’s at least willing to go on Oprah and admit what a jellyfish he really is.

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  • Oh my God! IT’S OVER! We get it! You hate Jay Leno! Please GOD, quit kicking this dead horse over and over and over again.

    • I agree. I love Conan, but the media has gone overboard with this stories’ coverage. And I’m sure people will keep commenting on it until Conan is back on the air.

  • I do so love it when people bitch about you guys gossiping about things that are newsworthy. “QUIT TALKING ABOUT THE THINGS WE KIND OF WANT TO KNOW ABOUT!”

    P.S. Leno is a tool, kthx.

    • When the web page says ‘it’s not personal, it’s just gossip’, then proceeds to put up posts that ARE personal opinions, I think that pisses readers off. Look up the def. of gossip and I don’t think it includes personal opinions. Maybe they should update the name of the page to The Evil Beet, It’s Gossip sprinkled with personal opinion.

      • All of the gossip here is tinged with personal opinion. Everyone picks on Molls for it, but Beet, Kelly, and Wendie before all did the same thing. It’s friggin’ gossip… it’s no fun if there isn’t a little commentary that people can agree or disagree with. If this site were just a list of the latest gossip with no colorful commentary, it would be absolute shit.

      • …or maybe you should get your information from a newspaper instead of a gossip blog if you don’t like the snark. Personal commentary is the main reason people start blogs.

        PS: I think you misunderstand how the phrase “It’s not personal, it’s just [business, gossip, etc]” is used. I’m pretty sure the word “personal” isn’t directed at the person taking the action (in this case, the hilarious and awesome Molls), but rather the action’s recipient (in this case, Jay Leno, who sucks).

      • You said it exactly, Kim! “It’s not personal, it’s business” does not mean “no opinion at all”, it means more of a general “nothing against you, but that story leaking about you fucking a hot tub is too good to not write about”.

        …clearly, Kim, you said it better than I, but that is the general premise, I’m sure. :)

      • And how many articles did Wendie write about Misha Barton? Or have all the writers written about the trivial retardation of Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, or Paris Hilton? Personally, I think that the NBC shitstorm and what happens to Conan is more interesting that whether or not Paris Hilton got another fucking puppy, but HEY, THAT IS JUST PERSONAL OPINION.


      • And it’s my “PERSONAL OPINION” that I’m just sick of fucking reading about it. I got that off my chest, and I’ll just skip on over the 17th, 18th and 19th post about it.

        And OBVIOUSLY it’s your “PERSONAL OPINION” because you are the one who wrote it. Don’t really need you telling me that.

      • personal opinions in the commentary is a given but when a web page name specifically says ‘it’s not personal’ then has postings that are personal and not really gossip, perhaps they should take that off the title. why get so pissed off to the point of the all caps? talk about ‘trivial retardation’. if i wanted personal opinions then i would have kept reading perez hilton. so, since this page seems to be leaning more towards that type of gossip page, i’ll just move on and wish you all well. by the way, i look forward to conan returning to tv. i’m going to go chill now. : )

      • Hey guys, the story is almost over. Conan is out, Leno is in and starting in a little while. I will maybe cover his first show or if anything noteworthy happens in coming weeks, but tomorrow’s Oprah is a big story all over the net. I wouldn’t be following through on my coverage if I didn’t write about it.

        You can also refer to my exhaustive coverage on DJ AMs death, the Gosselins, or Tiger Woods if you are interested in seeing how tiresome I can REALLY be.

      • Whitless, again. Molls, don’t apologize for anything. If you’re getting under this twit’s skin, you must be doing something right.

      • I echo the beetdouche’s sentiments. People did this shit to Wendie, too, and to Kelly, though I think Kelly gets much less of it now than she did at the beginning. The internet turns everyone into assholes, that is, like, proven fact.

  • Just when I thought he couldn’t sink any lower… This whole event has really shown Jay’s true colours. Karma will be a bitch with this one Jay, good luck with that.

  • I see nothing in that interview snip that looks like a smoking gun or makes Leno look evil.

    This isn’t about two best friends fighting over the other’s wife. It’s Hollywood, it’s business and with tens of millions of dollars between the two of them at stake you do what you gotta do and although you may not like the result there is no blood in the water. Just some bruised but not broken egos and both will go on to make tons more money.

    Next “scandal” please.

  • Jeez, you’re really beating this thing to death- it’s a contract thing, a business thing. They haven’t canned the redhead. It’s a network decision. Let it go.

  • Uh, no Jay sounds totally fine in this interview, your perception is just so warped because you’re in fucking love with Conan that you’re turning something simple into what you’d like it to be. GET OVER IT MOLLS. God you’re annoying.

    • What’s wrong with the one you have? The white plastic lattice in the background screams trailer trash, but if that’s you – your’re hot. So, let it ride.

  • If I was fired from my job and someone else was hired to replace me, or if I was dumped and my ex got with another girl…. why the hell would the replacement call me up to say sorry? It doesn’t say anything bad to me about Leno- I don’t even think it’s evil of the network.
    They didn’t just do it to screw over Conan, they did it for the good of the network, so respect the decision. Conan is the one who decided not to take their offer of a later slot- so be mad at him if you are so angry that he’ll be off the air. Leno and the network didn’t fire Conan. Conan didn’t want what they offered. End of story.

  • Leno is not “fucking over another human”. NBC fucked over Conan. Not Leno.

    Also will you shut up about this? So dull. Ugh.

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