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Wild Moose Seen Making Out With Younger Girl All Over Sundance

This is gnarly. Jon Gosselin and his new girl, Morgan Christie (remember that name because she’s had to have sex with Jon Gosselin in order for it to appear on your radar and that’s dedication, folks) have been seen sucking face all over Park City this week. And yes, it’s as upsetting for everyone there as it is for us at home, according to US Weekly:

He and Christie were spotted making out Friday at House of Hype party at Cisero. “Tons of PDA, holding hands, kissing,” an onlooker tells “They kept walking around, it’s not like they tried to be discreet and stay in a corner.” And despite Christie’s actual age, the law-school student “looked anywhere from 19 to 23,” the partygoer says. “Anyone who saw him remarked how inappropriate it was. Gosselin seemed to love the attention.” As for Christie, another guest that night says she was “super clingy and got jealous when he talked to other girls.”

“Other girls”. Sick. I’m still not sure what’s in this hook-up for Morgan. She’s a young and attractive enough girl that she could probably bag any C or D lister in Park City this week, so why she chose the one with eight kids and no signs of a promising career is beyond me. And get this: 32-year old Jon is staying with 25-year old Morgan this week… at her mom and dad’s Park City mansion. What a gross, moochy weirdo. 32-year old fathers of eight who are in the position to take time off of their lives to go to Sundance can put themselves up in a hotel before staying at their new girlfriend’s parents home. Show some damn class for once in ya life, Gosselin.

Oh and P.S. If you wanna know what Kate’s up to, she’s at home playing with her ponytail. If that doesn’t crush your heart, I don’t know what will.

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  • How sad that some women want attention so badly that they would bed a loser-creep! She obviously doesn’t need money, her family is loaded, perhaps she never got enough attention from her father.

  • wow, this guy is so repulsive. He doesn’t even look like he’s supposed to be a big man, it just looks like his weight is pure bloat. He must be doing a ton of drinking or something…Bacardi breezers or something pansy.

  • My question is just this: Where the heck is this guy getting the money to be flying all over the place and hanging out in Park City? Who is paying this schlub? Arghhhh….

  • Dear God, it is expanding even faster than I could possibly imagine!
    It’s like that Treehouse of Horror episode where Homer swallows some green alien ooze and then begins to devour the whole of Springfield (he favours “extra virgin” teens and beer battered germans).

    Quickly now! Grab your hayforks and torches, we must all go to Park City!

  • He is just gross and she is pathetic. Kate is a hag too. Jon reminds me of a guy I had a huge crush on when I was 19. He used to be cute and fit and now he is a bloated 38 year old married guy who looks like he was stung by a huge ass bee. Funny they have the same name too. Fat Ass Loser; aka; John!

  • I say “kudos” to John. He’s just doing what any male in his position would. He’s pulling as much ass as he can before his five minutes is up. Who can blame him after being with an “uber bitch” for so long.