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Let’s Give a Bitch Her Due

You want to know who’s looking a hell of a lot better these days? Kiki Dunst. I have never hated Kirsten (in fact, at times I’ve loved her), but I know that she has a Mischa-like reputation in that she’s both a little too wild and harder and harder to look at as the days go by. The last couple of years she really hasn’t made any good movies (I think Marie Antoinette was the last flick I caught her in and save for the art direction and soundtrack, that movie blew the goatiest goats) and she hasn’t been looking to fresh in the photos that have been popping up of her… but then on Saturday night she was snapped outside of the Chateau Marmont looking like this. Her hair looks healthy, her skin looks good and you guys… she’s laughing AND she looks sober. At the same time! I like that little top she has on, too. She’s making that work. Could there be a Kiki Comeback in the works? I would completely accept that.

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