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This Just in: Dakota Fanning is Adorable

Dakota Fanning is 16, but she looks like she’s 12, and I’m okay with that. Because she is absolutely adorable. Look at her in her little Bowie shirt! Dawwwww…..

She saw a few flicks this weekend at the Sundance Film Festival, meeting up with Kristen Stewart for one of them. Then I stole her and put her in my pocket so I could carry her around with me like a teddy bear.

Did that just cross the line into creepy?

Oh well, I’m sure that happens a lot with her.

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  • Eeee love that she totally pulls of that slightly alternative look without looking like a twat ^-^ She’s so cute.

  • Is anyone else happy that this whole grunge look seems to be making a comeback? I’m 30 now, so I don’t know if I can pull of Doc Martins the way I used to be damn, this makes me happy.

  • She’s cute and all, but she has a superfluous 6th toe on her left foot. A little bit creepy. They are going to show it in that movie “The Runaways.”

  • wow, she is very cute! seems like a lot of child actors start to look weird and lose their charm after puberty (as do we all!) but she’s still very cute and presumably still a charming actor. go dakota.

  • I always thought she was a bitch….
    Idk where I heard it, but I heard she was a snotty bitch on the set of her movies.

    Yes, she looks adorable.
    But to me, she does look like she could bring the bitch on.

      • Never said she was. Never said I believed it.

        She looks like she could.

        I used to know so very many girls that looked like angels.
        And then, they turned out to be bitches.

        I should hope she’s not, but I’ll never know, so I’ll always just have my little suspicion that she’s a bitch behind all of her adorableness.

  • dear sexy mrs dakota fanning, i wrote you a song to the instrumental/beat, of a reggae song named Government that was sang, by the, reggae singer, named Sizzla,
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  • she is super cute. very angelic looking. from what i’ve read about her, she seems pretty well spoken and mature too, especially for someone who’s basically grown up in front of the cameras and the world. i love the bowie shirt. and the 6th toe thing – if that’s actually true, it’s not creepy, it’s awesome!