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I just wanted to let you know that it’s been raining since the Golden Globes in LA (that’s like, four days), which is a year’s worth of rain here. The city becomes absolutely impossible when it rains for a few reasons: no one knows how to behave in this weather (driving sucks), the city is not prepared for this much weather (we sometimes lose Internet due to rain), and it takes the best part of LA (the sunshine) out of the equation. For example, look at Katy Perry slipping and sliding her way in to Fred62 yesterday. Girl’s just trying to get a Wimpy Burger and she can’t even walk right. I’m from Boston, I know this sounds babyish, but I’m telling you: a little bit of rain brings this town to all sorts of haults.

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  • GURLLLLLL and does it rain in Boston .. sheesh. This past year, after 5 of living in Boston, I finally accepted it like, dude, buy a nice umbrella and son wellies already. So in short, I can’t sympathize, only laugh at what I deem weakness by those living in LA and their inability to adapt. And then I’m jealous of your weather 90% of the rest of the time, so yeah.

    • It is absolutely a weakness, but it’s like… if you only had to eat chocolate cake for a whole year and then you had to eat carrots for a week. Part of you is grateful for the change, but you’re still like “Damn, where’d my cake go?”

  • to quote @rottentomatoes

    When it rains in LA, you must either 1) post that you can’t believe it’s raining or 2) lament that no one but you can handle it.