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Well, You Knew This Was Going to Happen

NY Post ‘PopWrap’ writer Jarett Wieselman made quite the accusation in a post today about Bill Paxton’s reaction to Michael C. Hall’s Best Actor win at last night’s Golden Globes.

From PopWrap:

One of The Golden Globes most memorable moments was Michael C. Hall‘s victory in the Best Actor, TV Series Drama category for his wonderful work on “Dexter.” Not only was this win long overdue, but the timing was even sweeter following last week’s admission that Michael’s been receiving treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

However, at least one person in the Shrine Auditorium might have felt that sympathy factored in to Michael’s win, his category rival, Bill Paxton. I’m no lip reader, but it looks suspiciously like the “Big Love” loser says something about “the cancer card” when the camera cuts to him during Michael’s walk to the podium.

This was one of the few moments I did catch live last night, and I did not notice any such comment being said. However, it does not surprise me in the least that someone’s wondering aloud in the newspaper if that’s what happened. The clip that accompanied the PopWrap piece was pulled down due to copyright infringement, so I can’t catch a second look, but do we have to even talk about this? If Bill Paxton really did say that, then why can’t we just let him be an asshole? It’s much more upsetting for Michael C. Hall to know that one of his peers said that about him than it is for us to know that we can trust the guy who plays Bill Hendrickson on TV.

UPDATE: If you want to check out the clip, here it is:

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  • I really hope that isn’t true. Michael C. Hall definitely deserved that award. His acting on Dexter is just incredible, and it broke my heart to see him like that last night :(

  • I saw the vid before it was pulled down, you can cleary see him saying ‘I knew he was gonna beat me. I got beaten by cancer’

    What an awfull comment.. Michael deserved that Golden Globe for all his work on the show since season 1. Seeing him so weakened on stage broke my heart

  • Yes Paxton is a douche-nozzle.The only thing I wonder is how far in advance do the votes have to be submitted? You’d think it would be at least a week in advance for them to count the votes and then to prepare for the awards show, right? So I would think he won it without the “sympathy vote” and it was just a wonderful thing that it came at this time. Lithgows reaction however was totally adorable and made me tear up.

    Either way, it’s not like Michael C Hall was anywhere close to horrible and undeserving, he was amazing on this last season of Dexter and totally deserved the win. If anyone should have felt jipped it should be Jon Hamm who was equally amazing.

    The person who runs their twitter account for the NYT “The Moment” also made a horribly insensitive comment about MCH’s headgear last night.

    “Is Michael C. Hall playing Bib Marley in an upcoming movie? Don’t get the hat or what he is hiding under it.” they tweeted.

    You’d think someone employed by the gossip/fashion division of NYT would be up on celeb news and think to do a little Googling before putting that out there.

    • YIKES! That’s terrible for someone to comment that!
      After the finale of Dexter, during my devastation I went on some msg boards and there was a video he did after the finale and someone was like, ” Whoa. That’s a horrible look – is he playing someone with Cancer?”


    • Exactly, I was just thinking that news of his condition only broke in the last week. If we’d known about it for months then I suppose it might have affected the vote, but it’s only been a few days. I’m sure the votes were cast before then.

  • no no no no no no….cannot read anything negative about Michael C Hall….don’t make me fly across the country to deal with Bill Paxton. Michael C. Hall was equally amazing in Six Feet Under – he is wonderful actor who is deserving of this award – pre or post cancer treatment….Big Love? Big Asshole…

  • Michael deserved that award. The only reason Bill would be up for a nomination is because he plays a prominent role on a wonderfully written series, doesn’t mean he plays it well. Josh Hartnett has more acting range.

  • I’m not the biggest Bill Paxton fan by any means, but it never occurred to me that anyone would think he was serious when saying that. I thought he was trying to be funny. It might not be in the best taste but I don’t think he really thinks that MCH (who I LOVE) got the win because of cancer.

    • I agree. There are many things that he could have said. Dexter and cancer are so similar when you mouth them that it’s easy to argue he said the former instead of the latter.

      In chorus they tell people to mouth “watermelon” if you forget the words. I’m not suggesting he’s saying that of course, but it just goes to show that it’s easy to confuse what people are saying when you can’t hear the audio.

      • If he said that about MCH, it’s utterly classless. But the point is, as you noted, he could have been saying just about anything. Who knows, maybe he said he hopes MCH quickly gets to “beatin’ that cancer”. Or maybe he is just an asshole.

    • It took me ages to actually see what everyone was talking about, but I’ve now watched it many, many times and I agree, it looks like he says Dexter. Poor bastard, he’s being vilified from pillar to post.

  • Michael C. Hall is an awesome actor; his winning had nothing to do with his cancer. Hard to believe Bill Paxton could be so ignorant as to say something like that knowing full well the cameras would be panning on him since he was a nominee. I love MCH…I have all seasons of Dexter. I hope he completely beats the cancer.

  • Yep. Because no one (even a person dealing with cancer) can be allowed to have a moment of pride in their achievements and joy. Someone must spoil their moment somehow. If Bill Paxton really did that, he’s an immature prick.

  • seriously, he could have been saying anything. are there really no other stories to report? we have to question what an actor might have potentially said?

  • play a beatles record backwards and people swear it says ‘paul is dead, paul is dead’ but alas, paul is not dead. there are lots of words that can be lip read and be mistaken for something else. look in the mirror and mouth the word vacuum without saying it out loud. it sure looks like you could be saying fuck you. try it on your friends and family. i’ll give the benefit of the doubt because there is no audio to back it up. can’t people find something real to fuss about?

  • I suggest you all watch the clip above and look again. I watched it twice and he definitely said CANCER. You know how actors are in Hollywood.

  • Oh whatever. It looked like he said it jokingly. I mean, they could even be buds, who knows. Whatever he said, based on his body language I couldn’t sense any negative intent at all.

  • So, Jarret Weiselman is making an accusation based on what he thinks he sees (not hears, mind you, but SEES) Bill Paxton say? Well, I think I see Paxton saying, “Jarret Weiselman is an a-hole.” And if Paxton didn’t say that at the Golden Globes, he certainly is saying it today.

  • Look, I wasn’t going to play the ‘cancer card’ but now I am. I have stage 4 kidney cancer. I joke all the time about ‘playing the cancer card’ and I’m the one with cancer so I’m not offended if someone else cracks the same joke. Again, without audio, you could interpret his lips moving to say all kinds of stuff. I believe he said ‘Laura is the Queen of the Internet and only her opinion counts. She has cancer so since she played the cancer card, all other opinions are now null and void. The Sorceress of Castle Grayskull endows Queen Laura with the power to transform into He-Man, which Laura does by raising her Power Sword and proclaiming: “By the power of Grayskull…I have the power!”‘ Yes, I played the clip over and over again and that is what Bill Paxton said.

    • Right? That’s the whole reason I was gonna comment. His looked like a proud papa.
      Awww. I so loved the last season of Dexter. And Hall is an amazing actor. Carpenter also did some incredible, emotional scenes. But Lithgow…he ate my heart.

  • I like Big Love, but Bill Paxton isn’t doing any amazing earth-shaking work there. Michael C. Hall is nothing short of fucking spectacular and heartbreaking and perfect in Dexter and previously in Six Feet Under. He deserved his win.

  • I just want to say to Laura I send you support and hope its not too late for you to get a transplant. I’ve seen dialysis while training for acute care. Not fun. Cancer card or not, you are a strong soul to walk this path. Keep up the great attitude. I recently heard of some sort of organization that does kidney swaps….say your brother wants to donate a kidney on your behalf to someone he matches in exchange for a viable kidney from that person’s family. No wait list. Sorry I don’t have much else to give you on that.

    Anyway, while watching MCH receive his golden globe my mom scoffs what a stupid hat he was wearing. I had to explain to her he has cancer and presently just into remission. I don’t think a lot of people knew about it because none of his cast and crew knew until recently according to some news cast. I’m sure his Golden Globe was based on his talent and not the ‘cancer card’. If Bill Paxton really said what he said…well, it doesn’t mean he’s a jerk, but out of touch with life. For all he knows MCH won’t be alive a year from now. At least Bill Paxton should realize he’s probably got more time on his hands to eventually get a Golden Globe someday.

    • Thanks KB but kidney transplants don’t apply to this cancer. My cancer has spread to my entire body and currently there is no cure, only treatments.

      I just wish everyone would just lighten up. Seems like these reply boards are full of judgmental and hateful people.

      Michael C Hall chose a plain ski cap, I go for the more flashy scrub caps. Should I start a topic on why I think he should be on the worst dressed list due to the choice of his hat? Just kidding folks……………

  • He could have been saying anything, really. I definitely wouldn’t demonize him for something he may or may not have said. Let’s instead focus on how awesome MCH is and hope for his speedy and painless recovery. Eh?

  • I don’t usually watch these award shows, but I’m SOOOOOOO glad MCH won! I LOVE Dexter, and keep wondering why it’s not more popular than it is. Lithgow is absolutely adorable, and it was nice to see him like that after he killed (supposedly?) Dexter’s wife… LoL Yes, I take those roles a bit too seriously… LoL

    I couldn’t care less about what that guy said, never seen him, never heard of him, don’t give a crap! I adore House too, but I’m still really glad Dexter won (I’m better with screen names than real names…)

    P.S.: Am I the only one who JUST found out his sister in the show is his wife in real life? And THAT is why I don’t have a blog of my own!

  • The votes would have been tabulated before Michael Hall announced his cancer, and probably only did so because of his hair loss when he showed up to the ceremony. If he wanted pity votes he would have announced the cancer a few months ago. I find it hard to believe that Bill Paxton would be that classless. It’s one of the strongest categories and a win for his portrayal of Dexter was long overdue so it couldn’t have been that much of a surprise either. I hope it’s not true because it’s awful if he did say that. I’m glad he’s in remission, he’s a wonderful actor.

  • I am sorry but that was awesome. I almost feel out of my chair as I read that. Bill Paxton always seemed like an ass and I guess that he really is and it is hilarious!