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Paris Hilton Still Exists

You guys, Paris Hilton’s Twitter is like the funniest thing in the world right now. It is 95% product placement and 5% fawning over Doug Reinhardt. I don’t know which I find more disturbing. But all that girl does on her Twitter is plug nightclubs and restaurants and websites, and she doesn’t even have the Lohan-style decency to occasionally go on drunken rants. One of her favorite websites to plug right now is her own, the re-launched, which features a strikingly underutilized Community section composed primarily of Paris’s own posts and phenomenally creepy fan art. And this photo of her and Nicky in a bathtub, which Paris herself posted:

I think the only Twitter I hate more right now is The Situation’s, which is, like, written by a magical computer permanently set on “douchebag.” I’ve never seen anything quite as upsetting.

Paris and Doug were out and about in Vegas this weekend, club-hopping for cash. She’s put on weight in the past six months, which I think might be a good thing. I think it’s possible that Paris Hilton is actually experiencing some internal peace and happiness, and, if so, good for her. Just cut it out with the pay-per-tweet, dude.

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  • The only thing I’ll give Paris credit for is that she at least makes an effort to look good when she’s out and about. That moron Doug can’t even be bothered to dress up in these pictures. His picture should be posted in the dictionary as the definition of “parasite”.

    • “The only thing I’ll give Paris credit for is that she at least makes an effort to look good when she’s out and about. ”

      What else is there for her to do really?

    • So, basically, you find it very disturbing that a company may be doing something to advance its brand, simply because we are in a down economy?
      Once one gets past some of the nit-wits who are tweeting and the banality of much of what is being tweeted, how much different is getting paid to tweet than, say, Charlize Theron getting paid to hawk Chanel or Drew Berrymore getting paid to do Covergirl spots?
      What special obligation does or should Twitter or a celebrity have to a down economy? Nothing, as far I can tell.

  • Wow, now you’re posting kiddie porn. You know you probably couldn’t get this photo developed at a store these days, and they’d probably have to report you as well.

    • How is two kids in a bathtub porn? Porn involves sex, and there’s nothing sexual happening in the picture. You’re a fucking idiot.