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Like a Zoo Animal on the Loose

Tila Tequila is freakin’ me out, man. Whenever I check her Twitter these days, I get so nervous. If she’s not ranting about someone crossing her, she’s announcing unrealistic plans (Ambassador to Vietnam? Yeah, OK!) or talking about herself like she’s some wild, sexual being. She doesn’t appear to sleep, have any friends offline except for Meghan McCain (and who knows when the last time they actually saw each other was) or realize that her behavior is odd. She’s always like this, but the last couple of weeks (since her fiancee Casey Johnson died) have been truly off-the-charts insane.

Then today we find out that Tila’s publicist quit and she’ll be representing herself until she hires someone else. Considering her last rep seemed to peace out on her because she couldn’t deal with the insanity, I don’t know if “one of the biggest PR firms out there”, as mentioned in her Tweet, would be interested in trying to deal with her. That’d be like CAA signing Lindsay Lohan in the middle that DUI spree she had a couple years back. The chick’s a liability.

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  • Tila is like a child desperate for attention-whether it be negative or positive attention. She’ll do and say anything to keep her name on the public’s radar and the sad fact is; she has no credibility nor respect.

  • Things are looking up for Tila Tequila. She has a meeting with one of the biggest PR firms in the World: Jose Cuervo.
    In other news, Vietnam has gone into hiding, shamed by a highlighted association with its new “Ambassador,” Tequila Tequila.

  • Craaaazyy. She even admitted that she has no friends.

    Can’t wait to see what happens next! I love train wrecks!

  • Bitch is crazy. For real. And she does allude to being pregnant all the time yet she’s constantly updating her twitter…when the hell does this bitch sleep? I weep for the child if she is indeed pregnant.

  • watching teila is kinda like watching really old people making out…you REALLY dont want to…but u kinda cant help yourself

  • Her in vitro baby daddy is apparently an “American Hero” and goes on and on about him. But she was supposedly acting as a surrogate for her brother but now the baby is hers …. but the really mentally ill part is she is claiming she talks to god and she’s an angel. She “finally revealed her true self”. She is so fucking crazy I can’t look away.

  • For a PR person to quit a client it’s rare, that’s their job to smooth over bumps in the road and handle publicity problems. It appears Tila does have some serious problems, with the truth and reality especially but when you lose a PR person it’s bad. We’ll see who agrees to rep someone who just bounces crazy ideas out on twitter all day and night, but I do think she’s ill or on the verge of a breakdown, I don’t care about anyone who is a friend and business partner of Joe Francis, but she’s probably going to end up like Casey at this rate.

  • LOL @ The Secret Service is now at her home “protecting” her from rich kids. The kind of SS agent who will sit and watch gossip interviews on TV. And talks about former clients.