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Sarah Palin Makes Her Debut on Fox News. You’ll Have to Tell Me If It’s Any Good.

Because I can’t watch it.

First off, I apologize for my recent absence around these parts. My laptop is very sick. It’s at the Apple store right now undergoing emergency surgery, and hopefully it will come out alive and well. My friend lent me her laptop in the interim, but trying to be creative on a foreign computer is kind of like Mark McGwire playing baseball without steroids; it’s just not as impressive and things take much longer.

But I thought I’d share with you the video footage Sarah Palin’s Fox News debut. Maybe I could have watched the whole thing if she hadn’t been sitting next to Bill O’Reilly, who, in the first few minutes, tries to convince me that Sarah Palin is not a threat because she is both a mother and an American. Because, you know, once we chicks pop out kids in this country, we lose all potency to effect change in other arenas. There was nothing misogynistic about that remark, Bill. You’re a peach.

Furthermore, there is nothing at all threatening about Sarah Palin, unless you care about silly girl things like reproductive rights and foreign policy and evolution and the sheer terror that runs through your body when you realize how much of the country is reading this woman’s book without throwing something at the wall.

The truth is, I’m not especially angry about Sarah doing Fox News. I would way rather have her there, preaching to her choir, than in public office, capable of impacting those of us who don’t watch Fox News.

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  • Unbearable to watch? Um… like a lot of liberals, things that don’t fascinate you like “How has Obama’s day been?” is unbearable to you. That’s all well and good. Right down to the part where I just so happen to agree with every point she put forward in this all-too-brief interview.
    Pelosi out of touch? Yep. Time to nuke the Iranians (not exactly her words, but, ah…)? Certainly. Health care gonna suck dry the already bankrupt govt.? Absolutely. Obama reneging on his campaign promise to have the health care debate in the house and senate open? Precisely correct. Double standard with Reid the dips$*t’s comments? Yes indeed.
    So…….. what’s your problem?

    • Dood. The Sasha is only doing this to get a rise. I’ve had many conversations with her and she really likes Palin. It’s all about ratings.

    • I particularly like how she gets under liberals’ skin. They are obsessed with her irrelevence. I am sure that she quite enjoys it as well. It’s lining her pockets nicely.

      • The only ones lining her pockets are the poor deluded fools that inexplicably revere her. After what her debate prep team had to say about her, I would have assumed you poor people would have cut your losses and found some other “folksy” candidate….one that perhaps read a newspaper…or a history book….or anything for that matter.

        There are some really smart conservative Republicans out there. Why settle for someone with barely a sixth grade education who, we can safely assume, still has North and South Korea all muddled up in her tiny little mind.

        I am gleefully happy that she is going to be on Fox. The comedy potential is staggering! Thanks, Fox News, for the late Christmas gift!

  • Could she do a worse job than Obama? Sounded decent, looked good; what you want out of a political talking head.

  • A Sarah Palin clip makes it on here, but no mention of Harry Reid making racial remarks about Obama being a light-skinned Negro and not speaking with a dialect? Um, ok. This is why I am beginning to hate this sight. You guys post about Rush Limbaugh going to the hospital and a clip from Fox News you can’t watch featuring someone who ran for office, lost, resigned from her other official job, but no mention of a political story of racist made by statements of SOMEONE WHO ACTUALLY HOLDS A POLITICAL OFFICE!

  • Listen people – this is a celebrity gossip site, not a news site, so there is no responsibility on the part of any writers to provide balance. The fact that Beet’s opinion on Sarah Palin happens to be completely, objectively correct is neither here nor there. It’s her opinion and site so she gets to say whatever the hell she likes.

    I don’t see you people popping up crying bias on any other articles – none of you post claiming that Jon Gosselin is a good father and husband, or that Lady Gaga isn’t batshit insane, but the second someone has something to say about Palin you all start screaming like it was feeding time at the crazy zoo. Cut it out.

    You might be justified in complaining that this coverage of Palin is taking up space that could more profitably be used to host photos of Lindsay Lohan’s vagina – particularly since Lindsay Lohan’s front bottom probably has a more coherent set of opinions on foreign policy than the c*nt in the video.

    • Ha- well said, Chimney.

      “Particularly since Lindsay Lohan’s front bottom probably has a more coherent set of opinions on foreign policy than the c*nt in the video.”

      Absolutly love it!!

      • With a remark like that, now I know where southernsweety comes from. You’re likely from South of the gutter.

        How’s that hope and change working out for you?

    • Yes, calling her a “c*nt” really validates your opinion. Now I agree with you. You really proved a lot by calling her names.

  • Hey, I don’t like Palin as much as the next person, but I really think that to criticize something intelligently, one has to know it. To disregard something Palin would say without even listening to it, is just as ignorant as anything that could come out of Palin’s mouth at any given moment.

    She stuck to the talking points and didn’t really say anything that hasn’t been said before. But I don’t expect more from ANY talking head on ANY network be it liberal or conservative.

  • I hate Palin.
    I hate Fox News.
    Fox News is conservative and gross.
    Not a very respectable network if you ask me, so a not so respectable anchor named Sarah Palin will fit in PERFECT.

  • Since this is a celebrity gossip site, Palin shouldn’t even be on here right? Unless you want to point out – over and over – your particular political view point.
    No matter if you’re liberal or conservative, it’s like beating a dead horse. Come on.

    • sarah palin’s not a celebrity? could’ve fooled me. what with her resignation of an actual political office to be a pundit on a sensational news program? no way. she’s definitely not a celebrity.

  • Whatever your views about her, I wish they would stop calling her GOVERNOR PALIN!!! She quit that bitch long time ago. She should be called a governor anymore than I should be called Princess Consuela Bananahammock.

      • Not really. “Former” is the standard, as in “former President George Bush”. “President George Bush” would be incorrect, because George Bush is not our current president.

        Therefore, “former Governor Palin” would be completely correct, as would the ever-simple and succinct “Mrs. Palin”.

      • no, it happens all the time.
        i always hear Al Gore introduced as “Vice President Al Gore” or “Mr. Vice President” or “Captain Planet”…

  • I couldn’t even watch 2 minutes of the video. I got to the point where Palin stated that it “wasn’t her, personally, that people didn’t like” and gave up. By no means am I against the entire republican party – but DAMN! I dislike that woman. Yes, her personally.

  • “uncomfortable-ness.”

    That was where I stopped watching. Get these people a fucking dictionary! The word she was struggling to find was “discomfort.”

    • Wow, you must be Miss Perfect. It’s a shame we all don’t have the ability to go through life without making an error.

      You Vocabulary Police really need to lighten up. By the way, you’re decision to use the word ‘fucking’ so eloquently demonstrated your point.


      • P.S. I just wanted to make your day (and the other Grammar Police) by using ‘you’re’ instead of ‘your’.

        Have fun.

      • Thanks Kevin, I agree that my use of the word “fucking” did eloquently demonstrate my point. At least I used it properly in the sentence.

        Just because I am able to speak and write the English language at a 6th grade level does not mean that I am trying to imply somehow that I am perfect. I apologize if my standards for supposedly educated people who are on tv as pundits are too high.

        You have fun too.



      • I feel like we need to hold leaders and officials to a higher standard. We should at least be allowed to expect correct grammar from someone who held a political office.

        The nature of politics is that you can’t just pull in some idiot who makes up words and give them power to make decisions for people. That’s why we have elections to choose the most qualified people, and that’s at least partly why she lost hers.

  • I’m really scared that she has whatever thousands of facebook fans. I don’t care how supporters try to spin it, she has absolutely no capacity to be an educated speaker, political or otherwise, besides the fact that she has that “star quality.” She’s out for fame, no doubt about it, and can only bring harm to the US, doesn’t matter what party you’re supporter. I’m just glad she’s on Fox News, a source that already has very little credibility.

  • Anonymous:
    Could you please prove your belief that Fox New has “very little credibility”? It is really easy to talk big game. I’d love to see your facts.

  • Spycat – Fox News has a tendency to say the phrase “Some people are saying….” or “Some would call that…” or “Many people are claiming…”

    The fact is, the “somes” and the “many’s” are likely Hannity and O’Rielly sitting around talking shit to stir things up. If you’re going to say “some people…” then at least identify the people! Is it a research institute? A legitimate poll (Google polls are NOT credible) or is it five fat guys in the control booth talking a lot of nonsense?

    Also, less we forget the infamous “terrorist fist pump”.

  • On a note FAR more important than any conversation about Palin or Fox News: What is going on with your computer, EvilBeet?? I am currently browsing options for a new computer and am leaning towards a Mac even though I LOVED my old Dell with XP, so this Apple computer surgery news concerns me! What happened to it?

  • The writer would do well to learn the difference between ‘effect’ and ‘affect’, and the appropriate use of each. Semantic nit-picking? Perhaps…but it’s the same literacy-challenged gaffe by which you all delight in judging Sarah Palin.

    Women’s reproductive rights have never been in question. It’s called keep your legs closed, whore. Abortion as birth control is the refuge of the worst sort of person. On the other hand, liberals are the ones murdering their unborn offspring, so perhaps that’s not so bad. You’re self correcting to guarantee a conservative majority on in to the future. Here’s to fewer liberals…