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Winehouse and Her Ex to Remarry and I Say ‘No, No, No’

And she’s not waiting a hot second more than she has to in order to do it.

Ex Fielder-Civil is still in rehab but once his ass is released next month, they’ll be taking a holiday to St. Lucia to indulge in rekindling the flame that initially lit their crack pipes love.

I gotta ask: what kind of unbalanced creepers remarry six months or so after their first divorce is finalized?  This is such a bad idea — and it’s got death and destruction and the end of days written all over it.  Kind of like this photo.

I feel bad for these two.  Well, more for Amy than I do Blake because he seems to be the catalyst that triggered the super-talented chanteuse’s downward spiral to begin with, but regardless.  Setting these two up together again is like setting Michael Vick free in a animal shelter.

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  • Hey, it worked for Elizabeth Taylor with Richard Burton. Oh, it didn’t? My bad.
    Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson tried to return to the marriage well after a decade-plus divorce hiatus, but that didn’t work, either.
    Peculiar that the story of Amy Winehouse possibly remarrying Blake and the above examples of ill-fated reconciliations each involve some of the entertainment world’s most notorious boozers and druggies…

  • I kinda wish what happened with Britney Spears would happen to Amy Winehouse. When Britney’s dad took complete control of everything, Britney got her life under control. I wonder if they do those types of things in England.