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Similar to His Career, the Tiger Woods Website Chat Forum is Dunzo

tiger-woods-loses-chat-forum-tooJust when you thought the last bits of the best Woods goss had trickled downhill like its twin brother, shit.

Site administrators for the official Tiger Woods website have finally had their fair share of insults, slurs and PEOPLE WHO TYPE LIKE THIS IN ORDER TO CONVEY THEIR DISDAIN FOR SOMETHING. The comments forum has, just like the golf phenom’s work/life balance, taken an indefinite hiatus.  The fallen Fabian of golf, if you’ve been under a rock for the past four weeks, was accused of infidelity and his banging-hot wife has left his sorry, syphilis-ridden ass.

The wife’s departure was not the only cash cow he lost: several okay, all lucrative endorsements have gone out the window, too.  Probably the same window that his busted ass was allegedly pulled from.

I have no pity whatsoever for this ricockulous excuse for a man.

So sad.  What am I going to read my daughter before bed, now?

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  • OMG, picture of the year! Snorfed white wine all over my keyboard … and that was before I noticed the golfball ! I’m still LMAO …

  • I also have little pity for the dumb wife. If your man is wealthy and famous and he’s NEVER HOME, then stop being stupid. End the relationship, don’t continue thinking you’re gonna change him. AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN.

    • They have two children together, you dumb fuck. You’re not in her situation. Maybe she tried to turn the other cheek before because she loves him and has children with him. Now that she knows the truth she’s doing the right thing.

      • You’re the dumb fuck. The only thing she’s interested in turning is ‘the other checkbook’. She’s been in it for the money since day 1.

      • well guess what? he didn’t have to marry her. if she was in it for the money and he wanted to continue fucking every waitress in a short skirt who grazed his shoulder in a restaurant, here’s a thought: don’t get fucking married and have two children. Derek Jeter pulls the same shit as Tiger but people still love him because he’s not married. It’s not like she tricked him into tying the knot, he’s obviously been rotating a cast of hos for years, and if she was just another one in the loooong line, why would he have married her in the first place?

  • ok, ok, ok, now, please take this with a grain of salt. I know that Tiger cheated on his wife, blah blah….. But if she indeed beat the hell out of him with a golf club that isn’t that still considered domestic abuse? And isn’t that wrong?
    Double standards are hard……

  • True PLM, it’s domestic abuse, but, when you’re dealing with a mega $$$ celebrity and no one will talk and no one saw anything (!) I guess it’s hard to make a case for anything. The double standard could also be $$$$ haves and $ not haves.

  • Oh jeezus wtf is Sarah doing on here…I know it must be the same Sarah from Zelda Lily because of how fucking terrible her writing is. I’m sorry, but in what universe is “Brown Me Baby One More Time” a clever play on words? So fucking sad. Sarah: I’m sure you’re a super nice person. You’re not a writer. Beet: Get her out of here!

    • I believe it’s “What in THE universe is…” and the headline was “Brown Me Crazy One More Time.” Do a little spellcheck on yourself before you want to criticize someone else for doing what you’d NEVER be able to OR be asked to. Fucking asswipe.

      • Yeah, actually it’s correct. It was a question, like the following: In what universe is Josie Subpoena a silly bitch? (answer: this one). If i had made the mistake you claim, spellcheck definitely wouldn’t fix it because I didn’t spell anything wrong, just used a different phrase. You’re right on the headline thing, though. My bad. One more thing: try not to end your sentences in prepositions. Have a good day, babe. Try to stay calm on the internets.

  • Re the double standard:

    I had to ask myself why I hold it (I admit it; emotionally I am nonplussed by Elin’s alleged violence while nauseated by Chris Brown’s).

    When I examine the dynamics of man beating woman vs. woman beating man, I see a crucial difference: the men already have every advantage pre-fight and they continue to press that advantage in a physical altercation.

    The FACTS are that men are paid more to do the same work as a woman; men will pay less for the same car and the services performed on that car; man are more likely to get the job when compteing against an equally qualified woman and are far more likely to be promoted, particularlly as the stakes/position gets higher. In addition, women are likiely to perform at least twice the amount of domestic tasks (without remuneration); women are far more likely to be judged by their appearance (whether attractive or not); more likely to be discrimintated against for weight problems and more likely to lose their job as a result of pregnancy/having children.

    And, of course, women are far weaker, physically.

    When a woman is physically violent with a man she is ABSOLUTELY wrong; however, I see her violence as being similar to a cornered animal striking out, while a man beating a woman is just taking further advantage of his already preferential position.

    • Yeh, I see your point. But a cornered animal only snaps out when it’s being threatened. She wasn’t being threatened, she was just being made to look like a fool.
      And the thing that separates us from the animals (other than our opposable thumbs) is our ability to reason. I’m not a fucking bleeding heart our anything, but I think it’s wrong on either end. That’s all I was saying :)

  • I don’t get why there hasn’t been more reporting of Tiger and Rachel in Florida together, see:

    Of course Elin attacking him physically is wrong, even criminal. But just like a lot of women don’t report spousal abuse, male victims don’t either. And if Tiger reported her and prosecuted her, he would have to tell the police what provoked the incident, and since he still has delusions that he can control his private life, that’s the last thing he wants to do.

  • Loving somebody doesn’t mean throwing common sense out the window.

    Tiger had FOURTEEN mistresses, there’s simply no way he could keep up that lifestyle and have his wife not know something was up.

    And I agree with the 4th post – money is a big reason women stay with philandering men. They live comfortable, lavish lifestyles then play the victim when the public finds out.

    It’s obvious Tiger’s a douche, but I seriously doubt there are any real heroes in this story.

    So before you call somebody a dumb fuck, take time to think it through, rather than weep the moment the media portray somebody as a helpless victim.

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