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Tyra Banks Quits Her Own Show To Go Get Richer

Tyra Banks Leaves Show After Fifth Season

I have to hand it to Tyra Banks: She’s a pretty damn good business woman. Or, you know, she has a really good team of people behind her that are invested in her making lots and lots of money. Either way, between her America’s Next Top Model franchise and her talk show, she’s earned herself the spot of one of television’s highest earning women and that’s noteworthy. However, as someone with her eye on the prize, she knows that she can’t keep making money off of telling people to kiss her “fat ass” and showing her audience what she looks like without her weave. Nope, now she’s moving on to conquer the world of film. It was announced today that the fifth season of her talk show will be her final and she’ll be concentrating her efforts on producing movies.

Her company, Bankable Productions, wants to focus on bringing positive images of women to the big screen, which isn’t something I’m going to complain about. It seems like Tyra’s following the Oprah Plan to a T. One thing, though? If Tyra’s going to dedicate her career to empowering women through media, do you think maybe ANTM can scale back on the catty girl drama? I would truly buy Tyra’s whole “girl power” bit if she didn’t also produce and star on a show that’s an adult beauty pageant where mean girl behavior was so prevalent.

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  • Wait, who’s supposed to take over for Oprah, now? I’m confused. I thought Tyra would assume the Queen-of-talk-shows mantle, for sure.
    ANTM is on its last legs and the Tyra talk show was cranking along, or so I thought.
    Didn’t Oprah make a mint in the early years by telling people to “kiss her fat ass?” Or, perhaps, Oprah’s message was more along the lines of “my fat ass is beautiful” and yours is, too (but let’s lose some weight, together). But that was launching pad for Oprah’s empire.
    Oprah’s empire grew out of the dominance and influence of her talk show. Perhaps Tyra has a different, dynamic plan in mind.

  • This news makes me very happy. Most of the girls in my life claim to like watching it because it’s such a trainwreck, so I’d always end up seeing it.

  • I have a secret love for Tyra.

    I don’t always relate to her. But I do love that she’s a powerhouse, she’s chock full of personality, and she’s innovative as hell. …And let’s not forget, a woman.

    And true, ANTM is packed with girl drama. But a) who doesn’t love some benign girl drama, and b) the show is loaded with well-funded sets, fantastic costuming, hair and make-up, photography, and creative talent. The show is an artist’s dream.

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