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LOL @ Jessica Simpson’s Buckwild Friend

Jessica Simpson and Friends

Last night Jessica Simpson Tweeted the above photo with the caption, “ Sizzlin’ w my peeps, pretty boy KP (@kenpaves), lil’ cholita (Mary Phillips)…look out Yo!!”. Look out yo, indeed. It turns out that things were so “sizzlin'” that Jessica’s make up artist/lil’ cholita, Mary Phillips would up in the slammer for public drunkenness and disturbing the peace.

Now, do y’all have any idea how difficult it is to be arrested for those things when you’ve been drinking with a celebrity at a hotel bar? Being with the celebrity is a pass to get away with most bad behaviors, but then to “disturb the peace”? What peace?! This is LA. It’s never, ever quiet. There’s this one guy who walks down my street at about 3 AM and screams racial slurs at the top of his lungs for blocks and he’s never been taken in. What the hell did this Mary Phillips chick do?!

Part of me has to wonder if maybe she’s allergic to alcohol or is in some other way intolerant to the sauce, because at 8:30 this morning when Jessica went to bail her out, she was still too drunk to be released. Can you imagine!? Your friend Jessica Simpson comes to bail you out of jail and the police are like, “Sorry, Jessica Simpson. Six hours later your friend is still too trashed for us to let her out.” Embarrassing!

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    • A. Well, the most it will stay in your system is 10 hours. Your body metabolizes it/breaks it down pretty rapidly. So, if its less than 10 hours, its believable for her to still be bombed. Hope she doesnt have alcohol poisoning or the like…

      B. WTF is up with Jess’ face in that picture? Not the sexy look she was going for

      C. I really WISH she’d stop being Kenny’s fag hag. Seriously.

      • “C. I really WISH she’d stop being Kenny’s fag hag. Seriously.”

        Wtf do you care? They’re good friends

  • I don’t know about you guys, but back in the day I got bombed a few too many times. It was part of growing up. I was lucky I didn’t get arrested like all my other college buddies. Perhaps because we didn’t have paparazzi following us. Why is it stupid when a celebrity does it? Ken Paves happens to be a very close friend and business partner. He just happens to be gay. I have a lot of male friends and hang with them far more than other women….because frankly men are cooler to hang with. They aren’t katty, bitchy and competitive. She’s got the best of both worlds having a gay man as her best girlfriend. Jessica is no FAG HAG you ninny. What at you? A Hetero Hag? LOL