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In Which We Find Out That I Am Actually 14 Years Old



I’ve never really been in to the whole “celebrity perfume” thing. I’ve been wearing Burberry London since I was fifteen years old, and the idea of smelling like Britney Spears or Paris Hilton never compelled me enough to make me switch. I figured that it wasn’t even really possible to market a celebrity perfume to me. I’m too old to care about Hilary Duff and maybe just a bit too young to want to wear something made by Celine Dion… but Beyonce? Ohhhhh, girl! GIRL! That is a HORSE OF A DIFFERENT COLOR. I want to smell like Beyonce for days! And now it’s possible because her first fragrance ever, Heat, is coming out right before the holidays! Ahhhh! I hope Santa’s reading!


“Everything, from the bottle design to the name and the ideas for the commercials–that’s me. When I commit to something, I do it 100 percent,” she said. Beyoncé Heat, with top notes of red vanilla orchid, magnolia, neroli and blush peach, will include eaux de parfum in three sizes, as well as a sparkling body lotion, priced between $39-$59. Look for it in department and specialty stores, like Macy’s.

Mmmm. That sounds like something I could get behind, but $59 dollars?! What!? In THIS economy!? Damn. If that’s the price of smelling like greatness, then I guess I’m going to have to just cut back on my electricity use and food intake this month. I’ll make sacrifices to smell like a diva.

Any celebrity perfume wearers out there? I know you’re out there. 50 million bottles of Britney’s Curious sold can’t be wrong.

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  • It sounds (from the description) like it would smell good, but based on the ad alone, it looks like it would make you smell like sweat and sex. And I can do that on my own, $59 cheaper.

  • The description sounds pretty good, but I would still have to smell it to decide. I don’t like most perfumes as they give me a headache, and I also stay away from celebrity perfumes for similar reasons you said molls, BUT my cousin was wearing something that was amazing smelling and when I asked her what it was she said it was Paris Hilton. The original one. I’ve been wearing it ever since. The only scents I wear are that and Sweet Pea and Midnight Pomegranate from Bath and Body Works.

  • Hmmmm, heat? Bloody red bottle? Sounds like it’s that time of the month for Beyonce. I personally can’t wait to put a dab of that on my neck.

  • Stay tuned to hear from Beyawnce who “inspired” her latest, “I do it 100 percent” perfume project. -itch, please!

  • I love to wear SJP’s perfumes. I wear Covet every day, and I’m getting ‘Twilight’ from her Lovely Collection for Christmas, which has a sandalwood, amber, pink pepper, incence, and jasmine notes to it…

    I’ve never bought any Britney, Paris, or Hilary perfume, but I will admit that eons ago I used to buy the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen crap.

  • I HATE the smell of Britneys perfumes, I think they smell horrible. Like cleaning detergent mixed in with honey and grandma perfume. Not good. I got my first perfume when I was about 10 as a Christmas present, I think it was Minnie Mouse perfume from Disney, haha.

      • hahahahaha!
        seriously,your comment just made my day.i was laughing so hard that my bf stopped playing wii for a moment to see if everythings okay.


        seriously,you should get your own TV show!

        BTW,didn’t Beyoncé already have a perfume out?
        I don’t know the name,but the ads were blue and sparkling…?Or am I completly wrong?

      • yeah, but I think it was tommy hilfiger’s really STAR was called, I think that Enrique Iglesias was the image for the guy’s fragance…

  • I’ve worn 2 perfumes in my life: Love’s Baby Soft (when I was 7) and Estee’ Lauder’s Pleasures. I’m not a big scent changer, and it’s hard for me to find something that mixes well my skin, so I just stick with Pleasures, and I absolutely love it.

    That being said, I don’t really understand the whole celebrity fragrance thing, either. I don’t really want to smell like shame and money.

  • I love britney spears collection especially Fantasy, im sucker for smelling like cake.

    But Nina, by nina ricci has to be my favorite

  • I guess I’m the minority here…I’m one of “those” people who think one scent is enough, that a woman does better with a signature scent. Most perfumes give me headaches and rashes anyway. I love White Diamonds and have been wearing it since I was 20; I buy myself a bottle every year–a little goes a long way! Anybody else like WD?

  • I love Britney’s perfumes.

    her perfumes actually account for 35% of perfumes sold in the world!!!! :O!

  • I have Vera Wang and “Very Hollywood” by Micheal Kors. Not quite sure I’d consider them ” celebrities but there you have it.

  • I totally wear the Britney Spears perfume, the Believe stuff. People are ALWAYS like, “Wow, you smell great, what are you wearing?” and then I say “The Britney Spears perfume” and they get embarrassed. It really smells nice though!

  • WHAT happened to this site? This should be on Twitter. Perfume? zzzzzzzzzz. I shall not visit anymore. Lame.

    • Well this is a blog about celebrities. Beyonce is a celebrity. I’m not really sure what else you’d need.

  • nah, i’m a dolce and gabbana girl. but if kelly clarkson put out a perfume i’d buy it. i don’t know if i’d wear it, but i’d buy it.

  • so far i’ve only been able to wear SJP “Lovely”, everything else gives me a headache. It’s very baby-powdery and lucky my husband doesn’t mind it.

    • Same here! I love that shit and my husband always mentions that I smell good when I wear it! LOVE that shit and LOVE SJP!

  • LOL Molls, do you have kids? 57 dollars for a toy is nothing these days, everything (including the most stupid toys) are very fucking expensive. So 57 for a pefume doesn’t sound bad to me, if it was a good band, a known name, or something special. But i personally wouldn’t pay a dime for something that comes from beyonce. Simple as that.

  • Does anyone ever use those perfume scented lotion? I hate that shit and don’t know anyone who actually uses it. I always either throw it out or give it away.

    • I never use the scented lotion either! I have a drawer FILLED with scented lotions from various gifts I’ve recieved. I could open a mini Bath and Body Works lotion-only store.

      I wonder how many other women of the world have a stash of unused lotion.

  • WOW!!!! Am I the only one that realizes this is product placement and guerilla marketing at its best? On a site that you wouldn’t normally suspect of blatant product placement has caved to the powers-that=be apparently.

    A little dissapointing, I thought that evilbeet was a bit different than the other sites and didn’t publish blatant puff pieces disguised as shallow articles about ‘whats your face celeb scent?” in order to boost sales for whatever celeb of the moment.

    Good job on this article, so insightful, really love it..

  • I don’t mind Fantasy, but my favourite perfume is a $15 one from my local perfume shop :P Everyone says that it smells amazing. But yeah, I don’t think that this perfume would smell too good- but yeah, what am I to say. I adore the perfume that Anne Hathaway endorses, Clinique or whatever but its about $80 a freaking bottle. :|