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Want to Win a Free Trip to the Music Festival of Your Choice???

I know, I know, it’s been contest fever around here lately. What can I say? It’s the holiday season, and people want to give you guys free shit. In November, we teamed up with Disney and The Proposal to offer you guys an all-expenses-paid trip to Napa Valley for the best proposal story. Our winner, Liz (read her entry here), is so excited about getting to go on the romantic honeymoon she and her husband missed out on the first time around. Last week, Zelda Lily teamed up with KY’s Yours+Mine and Intense to give away TEN free sample packs to the folks who needed it most. (Read the hilarious and touching winning entries here.)

This week, we’re excited to team up with Rhapsody and Chili’s to offer you guys an all-expenses-paid trip to the U.S. music festival of your choice. HOLY SHIT, right? The prize includes airfare for two, a hotel stay, $200 spending money, and two days at the music festival you choose.

You enter by submitting a video of you or a friend singing the famous Chili’s “Baby Back Ribs” song. I’m not kidding. I didn’t come up with this, I swear, but I know you all have sung it to yourselves at some point. (In case you’ve somehow forgotten it, it’s in the video above, although you’re allowed to make up new lyrics if you want.) You can read the full contest rules and submit your video here. (Do NOT send it to me — it needs to be submitted to this website, and you can use their sound mixer if you want.) You can check out your competition here. COME ON. I know you guys can do better than what’s up there right now. Get out your video cameras and go kick some Evil Beet ass and WIN THAT TRIP, okay?

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