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Taylor Momsen is Living The First Thirty Minutes of Pretty Woman

Taylor Momsen

So when I first saw this picture I was all “Oh, wow! Britney Spears looks really good!” and then I took a moment and realized that she would have had to get work done to get her face looking this youthful again. And then I read that it was Taylor Momsen. And then my soul cried.

The sixteen year old was photographed walking to work today, not on the corner, but the set of Gossip Girl. This is how she dresses before she gets to set? The energy that this girl must have is insane. Who wakes up and puts on a garter and a miniskirt? As much as her age makes this look completely not OK, it could really only be a sixteen year old who would have it in them to put in this kind of effort before 8 AM. Bless that child.

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  • I’m seriously worried about her. If she was wearing that on set for her role that’s one thing, but she dressed herself like that? This kid needs some adult guidance.

  • 1) Why is Britney mentioned in almost every fucking post for no good reason? Obsessed. Britney would never dress like a homeless prostitue.

    2)Why is this show still on? There’s only so many things that can happen to spoiled people

    3)What the hell happened to Cindy Lou Who?

  • It looks like she didn’t even change from her night out before. she probably hasn’t even slept yet.

    i’d like to place bets on when she’ll be heading to rehab. i say within the next year and a half.

  • Well, she is sixteen! What, is she supposed to look like she should be modeling for JC Penny? She should go ahead and be the best little hellcat that she can be while she’s still young! Just be careful! Don’t get caught up in all the BS.

  • Seriously?!?!?
    Come on people,you’ve got to be friggin’ kidding me!
    When Miley Cyrus(who,just to be clear,I find annoying,too) is wearing a bikini or kissing her boyfriend,she’s a slut or worse,but when this chick walks around town in what you would expect to be worn by an actual whore,you’re cool with it?
    Gee,you’re such hypocrites…

    • I agree – the first thing I thought of was Miley. I doubt she’d get a ‘bless that child’ if she stepped out wearing that outfit.

      • RE: “bless that child” – i read it as sarcasm. everyone knows this little whore-in-training could’ve used some good parenting….

    • But Taylor doesn’t walk around flaunting her holier-than-thou beliefs and her Christian-values family. She also doesn’t talk about how much “it’s all about the fans”.

  • Girls are growing up too fast, let’s just leave it at that. When they are old and dried up from hard living they will regret that they didn’t enjoy childhood longer.

  • Dude, when I turned 16 I had a Marvin the Martian candle on my cake… Damn kids these days with all the internets and diet beverages… tsk tsk.