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MTV Pulls Snooki Punch Scene

I’m a little obsessed with Jersey Shore. It’s like my fascination with Bad Girls Club — there’s just something so appealing about watching really, really trashy people interact, and sitting proudly in judgment as you realize that, thank God, someone out there is living their life more appallingly than you.

That said, I’ve been a little horrified by the trailer MTV’s been running of the tiny, big-mouthed, drunk-tastic chick Snooki getting cold-cocked in the face by a giant dude in a bar (it’s at around 0:18 in the vid above). It’s a stunning and seemingly unwarranted act of violence, and MTV’s been exploiting the hell out of it (the man — not a cast member of the show — was arrested, plead guilty, and given probation). And, good Lord, there’s been backlash — not just from angry people on the Internet, but from MTV’s sponsors (they’ve lost two so far over this). We’ve been covering it over at our sister site if you want the deets.

After initially defending the episode and claiming they wouldn’t change its content, MTV caved and announced that they’re pulling the punch scene from the upcoming episode. They’re going to air the after-effects of the punch heard ’round the world, but they’re not going to air the actual scene.

“What happened to Snooki was a crime and obviously extremely disturbing,” MTV said. “After hearing from our viewers, further consulting with experts on the issue of violence and seeing how the video footage has been taken out of context to not show the severity of this act or the resulting consequences, MTV has decided not to air Snooki being physically punched in next week’s episode.”

Wow. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen MTV issue a mea culpa like this about one of their trashy TV shows. They must have been taking some serious heat. The good news is that this demonstrates the power of anti-violence groups in this country and the gravity with which domestic violence issues are handled. The bad news is that now I don’t get to see the whole punch scene. :(

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  • Domestic violence? These two were dating?

    This isn’t violence directed at women. No. Violence directed at women includes specific crap we have to deal with. Rape, because you’re a woman. A significant other beating you because you are a woman.

    This is violence despite the fact she is a woman.

    I think lumping this into the violence-against-women corner does a diservice to women who actually suffer from this problem.

  • I think that biotch deserved it. Sorry.

    Oh wait – are we pulling the ‘victim’ thing? She’s an animal. They all are. What do you expect?

    Looking forward to my beach house rental for this upcoming summer on the Jersey Shore (like I do every year),


  • I am so old. I remember when the “M” in MTV stood for “music” and they actually played some of it.

  • The pulling of this clip by MTV has politically correct sexism written all over it and them reacting to a bunch of pants-shitting sponsors who fear boycott lash back from a bunch of nutwad parents who shouldn’t even let their kids watch this trash in the first place. If it has been a male being struck this would not even be an issue and they would have shown it no problem. Frankly, she deserved to get popped simply for two reasons: 1) Agreeing to appear on what may be one of the disgusting reality shows ever presented on national television, 2) Wearing that stupid-assed toolbag Ed Hardy hat (Christ, when is that fad gonna die?).

    • And I bet you think Rihanna and Nicole Brown Simpson got “what they deserved” too huh? So any female you don’t like is a “bitch” and it makes it ok for a man twice her size to pop her without any physical provocation? Disgusting. How were you raised? Your parents failed you big time.

      Does anyone have a sense of right and wrong anymore?

      • Yeah. Systamatic abuse and murder is JUST LIKE being punched for talking shit at a bar.

        Look, if you’re a woman and you want to talk shit to a man you need to be ready to deal with what might happen. Look, violence is wrong. But it happens. It is a reality in both genders. So knowing actual reality and working in actual reality mode…you need to accept these facts going in.

        Talking shit in a bar while drunk could get you hit.

        Man or woman. Woman or man. If you cannot handle this simple reality, perhaps not talking shit in a bar would suffice as a remedy.

      • Good heavens, nitwit! Get off your femi-Nazi high horse and go fetch yourself a sense of humor. Nicole Brown Simpson and Rhianna have absolutely nothing to do with my post. Lighten up for once in yourself.

  • “The good news is that this demonstrates the power of anti-violence groups in this country and the gravity with which domestic violence issues are handled. The bad news is that now I don’t get to see the whole punch scene. :(”

    SO TRUE! haha